Thank you. PPCC Sustainability thanks the students, staff, and faculty that made the last year an incredible success. With 9 big events, 39 smaller accomplishments, and 52 partnerships spanned across the year, we were able to spread the message of sustainability to thousands of people. This included students, staff, faculty, and the greater community. 

This time around, we're bringing in bigger, better, and more prominent improvements around the campuses. To start off, new state-of-the-art recycling stations are gonna coming to the Rampart Range campus to kick off the Spring semester. Some of the popular events are also having a comeback, along with new plans for a more efficient and cost effective college with a wider understanding of sustainability.

For comprehensive review of the Office of Sustainability's accomplishments and ongoing projects and meetings, we invite you to review our FY 14-15 report, which can be downloaded here: PPCC Sustainability 2014-15 Year-In-Review.pdf.

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