Office of Sustainability:

  1. L.E.D. Lighting Pilot Project (grant funded)
  2. Solar Crosswalk Signs 
  3. Solar Picnic Tables (Student Government funded)
  4. Solar Emergency Call Boxes 
  5. Recycling Program (grant funded Rampart Range Campus Recycling Stations- in progress) 
  6. Hydration Stations (partially Student Government funded)
  7. Transportation (student bus pass program and bicycle friendly certification-in progress)
  8. Centennial Campus Garden (partnering with Culinary Arts Program and Sustainability Club)

Campus Operations  

Please see the individual tabs; for sustainable operations that have been made on campus. For any questions regarding any sustainable operations done on campus please email the sustainability coordinator.

All of the sustainable operations to the restrooms on campus are as follows:

  • Replaced all fixtures to default to auto flush valve
  • Replaced all water faucets  to “auto turn off” after 30 seconds
  • All water faucets are now running on low pressure

All of the sustainable operations to the lighting on campus are as follows:

  • At Centennial Campus all “wall packs” have been removed and replaced with energy saving LED lighting.
  • Lighting in the parking lot at Rampart Range Campus has been changed to “induction lighting”; this will conduct a trail period to determine the use of this kind of lighting at other campuses.

All of the sustainable operations to the mechanical systems on campus are as follows:

  • Centennial Campus has upgraded the HVAC system that was 35+ years old and hoping to see beneficial results this year.
  • Centennial Campus has completely installed and integrated the entire air system and waiting to see results later this year.

All of the sustainable operations to the Maintenance/Custodial operations on campus are as follows:

  • A majority of cleaning products have been switched to eco-friendly products.
  • Products such a GreenSorb are used, which is an extremely versatile, eco-friendly, multi-purpose absorbent cleaner that works on numerous types of spills including: all oils, Jet-A fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel, all acids (except hydrofluoric acid), all paints, solvents, grease, bodily fluids, etc.

  • When painting VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint is used.

  • Rampart Range Campus has completed all wall cavities with Retrofoam, Centennial Campus is next.

All of the sustainable operations to the contracting on campus are as follows:

  • All vendor/construction contracts are invited to recycle all materials and scrap metals.