Sustainability at PPCC

At PPCC we understand the importance of social, economic and environmental sustainability to the Pikes Peak Region. Our approach to sustainability will engage students to increase community development throughout the college. PPCC will start with resource conservation, community outreach and sustainability curriculum.  PPCC students have already shown a commitment to sustainability through a community garden, tree planting and the green fee.  We will continue to provide a learning environment that builds understanding of sustainability and our impact on the local community.  The Office of Sustainability will encourage students, faculty and staff to participate in developing a socially responsible institution and reduce our carbon footprint through various sustainability initiatives.


Higher Education can play a vital role in developing a strong green workforce to ensure adequate supply of our natural resources for future generations. PPCC's commitment to sustainability will be prevalent in curricula that develops real-world application to enhance our future leaders.

Representatives from all levels of college will be involved to create a cohesive community working toward educating the PPCC community on sustainable practices. Also, sustainability will be integrated in all aspects of the college's infrastructure; buildings, grounds, operations, planning and purchasing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribution to landfill.


Create a sustainable educational institution that addresses pressing environmental, social and economic issues through community outreach, curricula and infrastructure.

Sustainability Coordinator  

Konrad_Schlarabaum.jpgI am a Colorado native and served in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves for over five years. After receiving an Honorable Discharge, I enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) as a first generation non-traditional student and received a Environmental and Sustainable Studies and a B.S. in Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality. In addition, I fell in love with my wife, Becca, and worked and volunteered for various student services across campus.

My most memorable experience was co-founding and presiding over UNC’s first green fund: Student Leadership for Environmental Action Fund (Student LEAF). Supported by a 250,000 dollar estimated annual student fee funded budget, the Student LEAF committee depended on relationships forged with students, staff, and faculty to purpose education initiatives and infrastructure projects that promoted resource efficiency and environmentally conscious lifestyles.

My primary goal for PPCC is to educate, empower, and equip students and staff to adopt sustainable lifestyle habits that benefit themselves, the economy, and the natural environment. My first step is to research and assess community interest in the following programs: recycling, eco-advocates, community garden, and sustainability club. Please feel free to contact me with all things related to sustainability at or phone at (719) 502-2342.