What is AAA 109, and do I need to take it?

  • AAA 109 is a course that prepares students for successful completion of college level classes. The course covers study skills, time management, personal responsibility, financial literacy and career exploration.  Students who take this course will develop a degree plan and also be assigned an advisor.
  • The course is mandatory for any new student who tests into a developmental course (excluding CCR 094).  It begins fall 2014 and replaces AAA 090.
  • AAA 109 will be built as a pre-requisite/co-requisite to all college prep courses exclusive of CCR 094.

What if I am a continuing, returning or transfer student?

  • Continuing and Returning students will not be required to take AAA 109, regardless of their academic standing.
  • Transfer students who need any developmental course (excluding CCR 094) will be required to register for AAA 109.

Will there be enough sections to accommodate all new college prep students? Can more be added?

  • Yes and Yes

Will there be fully online sections of AAA 109?

  • Because all of the college prep courses are offered fully online, there will need to be sections of AAA 109 available fully online.

Will GI Bill, TA, and MyCAA pay for the course even though it is not a degree required course?

  • Yes, all funding sources will pay for AAA 109. If you are an active duty service members using TA, you will have to meet with your Army Education Counselor to receive an override.

If I place into MAT 103, 107, 112 am I considered a college prep student? Do I need to take AAA 109 because I am not at the college math marker of EA 85+?

  • If MAT 103, 107, or 112, is the required college level course for your program you will not be required to take AAA 109 because you have met the college level requirements for your program.

How will books be handled since only instructors will know which type of AAA 109 they are teaching? (Icehouse vs. On Course)

  • You will purchase a voucher from the bookstore and take that to class with you, then the instructor will give you the appropriate book for your section.