It brings out the best in all of us!

You, the students.

We want to know what you know by the time you're getting ready to leave Pikes Peak Community College. We've been developing a series of outcomes - or clear statements - of what we hope you've learned and will be able to do when you leave us. An outcome might focus on problem-solving, writing to a particular audience, or demonstrating reading comprehension. We choose a method to measure a particular outcome, and depending on the results, we make changes to improve course content or instruction.

We conduct assessment activities in the fall and spring semesters.

Most assessment activities take place in your classrooms. And in some cases, we ask instructors to randomly select an assignment you've already completed for another purpose, and we analyze that. Don't worry, though. We aren't focusing on you in particular. We want to know collectively how our students are doing.

It's necessary for our accreditation. In addition, it helps us look at what we do well and at what we could improve. In the end, it makes us better. We want to be confident that when you leave PPCC, you'll be successful at another school or in the 21st century workplace.

We'll be looking at the following skills and knowledge during these upcoming Assessment Activities:

  • Reading – Demonstrate reading comprehension ability at or above the 14th grade level.
  • Speaking –Use appropriate language and delivery style in a professional/academic and effective manner to convey a message.

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