What is Our Assessment Plan?

The assessment of student learning at PPCC is a faculty-driven process. Faculty determine the tools they will use to measure the eight identified outcomes. The tools are the following:

  • Community Skills – locally-developed measure, including self-assessment and writing component scored on a locally-developed rubric
  • Critical Thinking –  standardized measure (Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal) and supplemental questionnaire.     
  • Information Literacy – locally-developed measure that includes evaluation of online resources
  • Listening – locally-developed measure asking students to watch a short video lecture and then answer questions related to its content
  • General Education Math – three locally-developed objective measures given to students who have taken (1) MAT 121, (2) MAT 120 or MAT 135, and (3) other courses
  • Reading – standardized measure (Nelson-Denny Reading Assessment)
  • Speaking – locally-developed rubric applied to students' in-class oral presentations
  • Writing – locally-developed rubric applied to student work samples

A timeline for the above assessment activities is outlined in our One and Two Year Assessment Plan 2013-2015. In addition, Assessment is included in our Five-year Academic Master Plan.

As part of our reaccreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, PPCC is participating in the Academy for Assessment of Student Learning through the Higher Learning Commission. We completed our first Academy project in December 2010 and have initiated a second project, which will be concluded in 2015. The latest effort focuses on the assessment of Critical Thinking and how we serve students.

More information about our HLC project or plans for a particular academic, administrative, or student support department are available on request. Please contact the Office of the Vice President for Instructional Services at (719) 502-3100.