6 Steps to Graduate

Step 1: Make an Advising Appointment

Before applying to graduate, make sure you have completed all degree requirements for every degree/certificate you wish to apply for. The Record’s office encourages you to meet with your faculty advisor or any advisor in the Career Planning and Advising Office to determine whether you are eligible to graduate.  

Step 3: Commencement Participation

PPCC offers one graduation ceremony a year. The ceremony this year is on May 17, 2014. Although attendance is not mandatory, all graduates are encouraged to participate in this event. Once your graduation audit is complete, you will receive information on how to sign up for the graduation ceremony and how to order your cap and gown. To learn more about the commencement ceremony please contact our Campus Life office at 719-502-2522. 

Step 2: Complete your Graduation Application

You may apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester you complete your   degree requirements. Application deadlines are as follows: 

  • February 22  if you intend to graduate in spring
  • July 15 if you intend to graduate in summer
  • November 12  if you intend to graduate in Fall

Note: If you apply after the graduation deadline, your application will be processed for the subsequent term.

In order to be considered for a degree or certificate, you must complete the Application for Graduation form.

Please allow 20 minutes to complete the application form and address all questions in one session as you will not have the opportunity to log in a second time.

Once your application is submitted, the Record’s Office will conduct an official graduation audit. The result of your graduation audit will be sent to you by email approximately two weeks after your application has been received by the Record’s office.

Step 4: Clear Financial Obligations

You will need to check your student account to make sure that you do not have any financial debts with PPCC. PPCC will not be able to mail your diploma until your account is paid in full. You will also not be able to request an official transcript until all finances are settled. If you have any questions, please contact our Cashier’s Office at 719-502-2444. 

Step 5: Exit Counseling

If you have received a federal student loan while attending PPCC, you will need to complete an exit counseling session. This is a federal requirement for all students who leave PPCC with student loans to remain in compliance with your loan obligation. During this session we prepare you to repay your student loans. The best way to satisfy this requirement is by contacting PPCC’s Debt/Default Team to set up a time to complete this requirement. Please call 719-502-3000 or visit Enrollment Services to set up an exit counseling session. 

Step 6: Join the Alumni and Friends Network

To network with your fellow alumni and learn more about giving back to PPCC, register to join the Alumni & Friends Network. You can register by going to http://www.ppcc.edu/alumni-friends/