Pre-Engineering at Pikes Peak Community College

At Pikes Peak Community College we have the most affordable education in the region. Tuition is
less than $120* per credit hour, and student fees are less than $15* per credit hour. That means you
can be a full-time student taking 12 credit hours, for about $1700 a semester.

We offer flexible course schedules. Day time, night time, weekend and even online classes
are offered through PPCC. We will find the right classes to fit your schedule and your learning style.

We provide a high quality education. Our courses are delivered in smaller classroom sizes.
Smaller class sizes give you a better chance to interact and connect with your instructors and peers.
We have passionate faculty who are leaders in their field.

If you are not ready to take Calculus 1 no problem! We offer College Algebra and Pre-Calculus to get you ready. Students can also take advantage of free tutoring through the Math Lab and the Learning Assistance Center to keep on track. 

At PPCC, the pre-engineering courses you take are guaranteed to transfer^ to any four-year public
institution in Colorado. That means our courses will transfer to University of Colorado at Boulder or
Colorado Springs, Colorado State University, and even Colorado School of Mines, plus many more.

Sample of coursework for pre-engineering students:

MAT 201 – Calculus 1
MAT 202 – Calculus 2
MAT 203 – Calculus 3
MAT 215 – Discrete Math
MAT 255 – Linear Algebra
MAT 265 – Differential Equations

COM 115 – Public Speaking
ENG 121 – English Composition 1
ENG 122 – English Composition 2
ENG 131 – Technical Writing 1

ECO 201 – Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 202 – Principles of Microeconomics

PHY 211 – Physics: Calculus-Based 1 with Lab
PHY 212 – Physics: Calculus-Based 2 with Lab
CHE 111 – General College Chemistry 1
CHE 112 – General College Chemistry 2
BIO 111 – General College Biology 1 with Lab
BIO 112 – General College Biology 2 with Lab
CSC 160 – Computer Science 1
CSC 161 – Computer Science 2

PHI 112 – Ethics
PHI 113 – Logic
HIS 201 – U.S. History to Reconstruction
HIS 202 – U.S. History Since the Civil War
HIS 236 – U.S. History Since 1945
HIS 247 – 20th Century World History

^The courses that you take will be specified by the school you want to transfer to and the field of engineering you
want to study.

For more information about pre-engineering at PPCC please contact Brook Bean, (719) 502-3454,, in the Career Planning and Advising Office.


For a list of engineering programs in Colorado review our Engineering Options document.