Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Students may earn credit for learning outside the classroom. Credit for Prior Learning must apply to a degree or certificate goal. Credit is given for the following:

  • portfolio: learning through experiences such as reading and study, work, and on-the-job training or special classes
  • standardized testing: a satisfactory score on nationally accepted tests such as CLEP and DANTES
  • published guide: learning given in a nontraditional setting such as a military or industry classroom which must be evaluated in a published guide by a nationally known organization such as the American Council on Education (ACE)

PPCC evaluates prior learning through the Credit for Prior Learning program (CPL). Students may receive up to 75 percent of their total credits for all types of prior learning. Students must successfully complete six credit hours with PPCC before credits are entered to the student’s record and before a transcript will be released. For more information, stop by the Enrollment Services Center at the Centennial Campus, or call 719-502-3000. Military and Veteran students, contact Department of Military & Veterans Programs at 719-502-4100.

Students who wish to receive credit for prior learning and plan to transfer to another college or university should verify these credits will transfer. Policies on awarding transfer credit vary from school to school.