Mathematics Preparatory Program

College preparatory mathematics courses prepare students for college-level mathematics courses or entry into many occupational programs. Enrollment is based on placement test scores or successful completion of the course prerequisite.

MAT 045

Compressed Pre-Algebra with Basic Mathematics (vocabulary, operations and applications of whole numbers, decimals and basic fractions and mixed numbers; vocabulary, operations and applications of ratio, proportion, percent, area, perimeter, US and metric measures, integers, and an introduction to algebraic expressions and the solution of basic first-degree equations)

MAT 050

Develops number sense and critical thinking strategies, introduce algebraic thinking, and connect mathematics to real world applications. Topics in the course include ratios, proportions, percents, measurement, linear relationships, properties of exponents, polynomials, factoring, and math learning strategies. This course prepares students for Math for Liberal Arts, Statistics, Integrated Math, and college level career math courses.

MAT 055

Develops algebraic skills necessary for manipulating expressions and solving equations. Topics in the course include radicals, complex numbers, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, quadratic equations, absolute value equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations, related applications, and math learning strategies. This course prepares students for College Algebra and Finite Math.

MAT 060

Pre-Algebra (vocabulary, basic operations, and applications of fractions, ratio, proportion, percent, signed numbers, algebraic expressions, first-degree equations, and word problems)

MAT 090

Introductory Algebra (solution and application of first-degree equations, inequalities, and formulas; polynomials; factoring polynomials and solving equations by factoring; linear equations; and applications)