PHO 259 Extreme Outdoor Photography

3 Credit Hours • 52.5 Contact Hours (30 Lecture, 22.5 Lecture/Lab Combination)

Prerequisite: ART 138 or PHO 101 or PHO 121

Introduces and exposes students to tools and techniques that will allow them to capture exciting, high quality professional images of a variety of outdoor activities in physically demanding environments. Depending on the time of year offered, activities may differ. Examples include: rodeos, rappelling, mountain biking, kayaking and white water rafting, rock crawling, or any other extreme outdoor activity. This course will take advantage of local events and competitions and explore field trip activities. The minimum basic technical skills set will include backpacking, rappelling, snowshoeing, and water safety. Students are expected to have a good knowledge of basic photographic concepts, such as technical camera skills and creative composition before entering this class. Physical requirements, to participate in class activities, may be enforced.