TRiO-Student Support Services

Centennial • A-121 • 502-3222

The Student Support Services (SSS) program provides support to specific students who plan to graduate from PPCC and transfer to a four-year college or university. These students include:

  • First generation
  • Low income
  • Disabled students

The TRiO SSS Office provides help to first generation, low income and students with disabilities to overcome social, academic and cultural barriers to higher education. Available Services for Students

Student Support Services offers the following services to program participants:

  • Assessment of learning strategies and study skills
  • Customized study skills help
  • Academic and career planning
  • Four-year college university campus tours and transfer advising
  • Professional and peer academic mentoring
  • Tutoring service referral, monitoring
  • Scholarship and financial aid searches
  • Financial and economic literacy workshops
  • Pre-semester conferences and workshops

You are eligible to receive services from Student Support Services as long as you meet all four requirements, one support need, and one academic need. Once you have finished reading the requirements, fill out the online application or stop by the TRIO/Student Support Services office to apply.


  1. Be enrolled in a transferable associate’s degree program at PPCC
  2. Demonstrate a need for academic support to successfully complete a PPCC degree and transfer to a four-year college
  3. Be a low income individual and/or first generation college student and/or a student with a documented disability
  4. Be motivated

Pick up an application at:

Centennial Campus, 5675 S. Academy Blvd., Room A-121

Downtown Studio Campus, 100 W. Pikes Peak Ave., Room S-126

Rampart Range Campus, 11195 Highway 83, Room S-101