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PPCC advanced manufacturing students get valuable insights at local employer Relius

Pikes Peak Community College is partnering with local businesses to provide…

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PPCC Students Heat Up Culinary Contests
18 students took home gold awards at the recent competition in Denver.
Jaramillos Show How Pikes Peak Transformed Their Family
One size doesn't fit all when it comes to colleges. But, as the Jaramillo family discovered, PPCC has a lot of sizes.
PPCC Student Releases Her Debut Americana Album
In between classes and homework, Audrey Bussanich has built a music career.

Pro Tips

Tips for the First Semester
Be Prepared for this Semester The first week of school is awesome. Halls are abuzz with students and you have a fresh set of books full of information you are about to learn. Kick it off right with some of these tips.


The Door-2-Door initiative offers academic and career readiness. We expect…

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Staff Profile: Li-ling Hsu
Li-ling, who is a report writer and analyst in PPCC’s Institutional…