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Allison Swickard, Leah Von Fange & Kevin Johnson, October 25, 2012

The Bulletin is taking a sabbatical. After two and a half months the Bulletin’s readership remains dismally low, meaning the publication is not meeting your needs, or the goal of improving internal communications by being THE place for all PPCC news.

Creating the Bulletin was thought to support goal five of the PPCC Strategic Plan: Enhance and ensure effective and consistent communication. But, with low numbers and numerous messages still being sent daily to large PPCC email distributions lists, something about the Bulletin is not working.

However, we’re not giving up and we are not making assumptions about what will work. We need to figure this out, so we’re coming to you. 

In the next few weeks, PPCC’s marketing team will conduct one-on-one interviews, focus groups and surveys to learn how we can best meet your internal communication needs. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas and moving forward to create better platforms that enhance PPCC’s communication.

We need to issue a huge "thank you" to all of you who have submitted stories, feedback and ideas.

Enjoy the break. We look forward to working with you on improving PPCC's internal communication efforts.

Allison, Leah & Kevin
PPCC Marketing & Communication

Allison Swickard, Leah Von Fange & Kevin Johnson

Marketing & Communication


Posted by ReeAnn on
I'm sorry to see this go! It was so helpful and great graphically as well. I felt like I knew what was going on. I hope your new efforts will be fruitful.
Posted by Nick Davey on
Sorry that response to the Bulletin has not met expectations. 2 thoughts:-
On what basis was it decided, and by whom exactly, that the Bulletin was needed? As a 'typical' adjunct instructor, I never felt or heard any of my colleagues say that communications at PPCC were lacking and needed enhancing in any way.
While I like the idea of a 'news' bulletin, I know that most adjuncts really have very little extra-curricula time available to browse through such things - I tend to quickly peruse my e-mails for anything relevent or particularly topical and then move quickly on to doing my job here before getting off to pastures and dollars anew!
Posted by MIchelle Bender on
I am not sure that all constituents truly understood how The Bulletin was intended to be THE one source of communication from our college leadership. Other than hearing Dr. Bolton state that in LC, this was not clearly and consistently communicated across the college - at least from my perspective. I had begun to make it a priority to click and review The Bulletin. You may have been onto something! :)
Posted by Lorraine Buck on
I like the Bulletin but get too busy to read it as often as it comes out. What about a quarterly edition instead?
Posted by Patricia on
I think the concept is great, I did read and look at it often. But, only sections I was particularly interested in. One problem that I have experienced is you have to go back and forth between pages to read the whole bulletin. Maybe if it was on a one sheet flow it would make reading it just a little easier. Just a thought.
Posted by Sharon Bjorkman on
Bummer! I thought the Bulletin was a great idea and have enjoyed reading it. It has been a way to feel connected to the college community when our campuses are so spread out. I also understand that people are very busy and reading the Bulletin takes time.
Posted by Dave Grosche on
I read every edition. I think that we need something like this.
Posted by Carol Parker on
I didn't like the format, every time you wanted to read a story it took you to the internet, which with my slow computer just took up too much time to get to the article to read it. I liked the "Potty Mouth" format gave you info that was short and to the point. I don't have a lot of time at work to go through emails let alone ones that take me to the internet, it was just too time consuming.
Posted by Carol Parker on
Another issue I had with the Bulletin was when I did take the extra time to read an article and post a comment, I never saw my comment posted, so I thought it was a waste of time to even comment on anything and I would check back several times to see if anyone else commented, but never did I ever see a comment posted, so I didn't think anyone was even reading the comments.
Posted by Carol Barlow on
I will admit I didn't read the Bulletin as often as I planned...needed to put it on my calendar, however I hope you can start it again in some fashion.
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