At the Rainbow's End

Brenda Lauer, October 18, 2012

Why, when we see a rainbow, do we look to see where it begins and ends? Our eyes are immediately drawn to the end, as if by ...

What a remarkable place to live, thus far, we seem to be enjoying a Colorado blue sky kind of week, yet, the weather seems to be headed...



Lance Bolton, Ph.D., September 27, 2012

“The tyranny of low expectations” describes how young people in America often live in families and attend schools where they are failed...


Proud to be Part of the PPCC Team

Randy Weber, September 20, 2012

For those who I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, let me forewarn you-- I'm a bit of a sports junkie ...


The Numbers Are In

Allison Swickard, September 13, 2012

Let the celebration begin! Pikes Peak Community College’s fall enrollment is up .11 percent and were it not for the hard work and...


Introducing the Division of Student Success

Felix Lopez, September 6, 2012

The PPCC Student Success Division has arrived! Playing a vital role, and one directly aligned with PPCC's vision, “Students Succeed at...


Committee Reports

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., August 29, 2012

This week I will hear reports from our college committees charged with evaluating our physical space uses, our processes related to...


A Time to Celebrate

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., May 10, 2012

Graduating students are symbols of PPCC's success.


Read PPCC's Strategic Plan Here

Kevin Johnson, May 10, 2012

You've heard much about the process and the plan's findings, but have you had the chance to take a look under the hood?


About PPCC's Strategic Plan

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., April 26, 2012

Can baseball's most famous catcher teach a college something about planning?



Lance Bolton, Ph.D., April 12, 2012

PPCC must adapt to change to serve current and future students.


Felix Lopez Joins PPCC as VP of New Student Success Division

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., March 15, 2012

Dr. Bolton is excited to announce the creation of a new administrative division headed up by Felix Lopez, current president of Trinidad...


Inside the Facilities Master Planning Process

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., February 16, 2012

Get the lowdown from Lance on the future of our facilities.


Occupy PPCC

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., February 2, 2012

Dr. Bolton shares a few thoughts about dissent, protest and the vital connection these phenomena have with our students.


Knowing You All

Lance Bolton, Ph.D., January 18, 2012

PPCC President Lance Bolton shares his thoughts about Colorado Springs, transitioning to PPCC and leadership.