Why Choose Communication at PPCC?

The communication program is focused on helping our students develop communication skills in effective verbal and nonverbal behaviors in the area of public speaking, cultural interaction and inclusion, interpersonal relationships, group participation, and professional and projects.

Studying Communication

We offer classes that guide students in developing effective verbal and nonverbal skills. Students who graduate from communication will exhibit confidence in public speaking and group participation, effectiveness in work-related projects and interactions, and improved interpersonal communication skills.

Example Classes:

  • COM 115 Public Speaking
  • COM 125 Interpersonal Communication 
  • COM 217 Group Communication

Career Options

The ability to be a persuasive communicator is key to advancement in virtually every career field. Employment possibilities include:

  • Government or corporate communication
  • Education
  • Law
  • Radio and television
  • Journalism
  • Sales
  • Entertainment
  • Religious leadership