The Dance Program at PPCC

The Dance Program at Pikes Peak Community College is dedicated to creating a well-rounded dance artist who is capable of pursuing a plethora of diverse paths.  

We recognize that every person that enters our program is an individual who has different desires, needs, concerns and goals. We are here to aid on this journey.  The program strives to help each student develop, strengthen and further advance technique in a variety of different dance genres, as well as develop critical thinking skills through creative and scholarly processes. 

We believe that the understanding of the body and the way it moves is a way of knowledge and wisdom that can teach all people (not just dancers) about society, culture and history. Students will discover how to work within groups and how to express their own individuality.  Students may study dance for enrichment, fitness, and/or to complete an AA degree with an emphasis in dance. 

Auditions are held at the end of each semester and before each semester starts for placement in our advanced classes and Dance Performance (Student Company). Check out our "Upcoming Events" tab for Audition Times and Dates.

Dance Classes Offered

The Dance Program at PPCC offers technique courses in Beginning-Advanced:

Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Salsa, Belly Dance, Tap, Feldenkrais, and Pointe. The Dance Program also offers Dance Performance (Student Company), Dance Composition, History of Dance, Methods of Teaching Dance & Dance for Camera and Special Topics Classes such as: Dance Composition 2, Improvisation Techniques, Ballroom III & Hip Hop III.