English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English Language Institute is a semi-intensive language program based in Colorado Springs designed to meet the needs of those individuals who:

  • Are planning to go to an American college or university
  • Need to improve English skills for the work environment
  • Are interested in improving their ability to read, write and speak English

All new students must complete an application to the college. You can do this on-line or in Enrollment Services (room A-107) on the Centennial Campus. After completing the application, you will receive a student number.

The English Language Institute has three levels of study: basic, intermediate, and advanced. ALL NEW STUDENTS MUST TAKE A PLACEMENT EXAM. Come to room F-200 to get a paper you can take to the Testing Center (room A-117) where you will take the placement test. After you take the placement test, return to room F-200 where you can make an appointment to meet with an advisor. Using your test results, the advisor will help you choose the best classes for you in the level where you have been placed. You must complete a minimum of two classes in the basic level and three classes in the intermediate level before you move to advanced.

If you are placed into the advanced level, you must take three advanced ELI courses, and you may also select a course that you are interested in from the PPCC schedule of classes. Many students in the advanced level take mathematics, computer, or art courses at the same time they are enrolled in the ELI advanced level courses. Please note that advanced level classes are not offered during the summer semester.

The English Language Institute offers both daytime and evening classes in all three levels in the fall and spring semesters. The classes meet twice a week (on either Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and go for 15 weeks. In the summer semester, basic and intermediate classes are offered. They meet in the daytime four days per week, Monday through Thursday, for 10 weeks.

Registration for spring semester (January 19-May 7) begins November 10. Registrations must be completed by January 16. Register as soon as possible to get the schedule you want. No registrations are allowed after classes begin.

To make an appointment with an advisor to get registered for classes, please call 502-3535 or come to Room F200 on the Centennial Campus.

Tuition for ELI Classes, 2014-2015

RESIDENT STUDENTS are students with resident alien cards, refugee or asylee status, U.S. citizens AND who have lived in Colorado for at least one year. (Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado State I.D. card is usually used as proof of Colorado residence.) In addition, active military/spouses are usually eligible for resident tuition and do not have the one year residence requirement. Check in room A-106 for more details.

NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS are students with business, visitor and other visas AND other students who have not lived in Colorado for at least one year.

NOTE: Tuition and fees are subject to change. Most students take from 5 to 13 credits per semester.

Credit HoursResidentNon-Resident
1 $   124.90 $   512.35
2 $   249.80 $ 1,024.70
3 $   374.70 $ 1,537.05
4 $   499.60 $ 2,049.40
5 $   624.50 $ 2,561.75
6 $   749.40 $ 3,074.10
7 $   874.30 $ 3,586.45
8 $   999.20 $ 4,098.80
9 $ 1,124.10 $ 4,611.15
10 $ 1,249.00 $ 5,123.50
11 $ 1,373.90 $ 5,635.85
12 $ 1,498.80 $ 6,148.20
13 $ 1,623.70 $ 6,660.55


All students must pay the following fees in addition to the tuition prices listed above Student Activity Fee: $9.02 per credit Course Fee: $6.60 per credit Registration Fee: $12.55 per semester (non-refundable) Other fees may apply. Payment or payment arrangements should be made with the Cashier's Office (room A-101) immediately after registration. Students who have not paid, have not made payment arrangements, or have not been awarded Financial Aid will be dropped from classes. Please call the Cashier at (719) 502-2444 with any questions.

Financial Aid

If you are a citizen, resident alien, or refugee, you may be eligible for financial aid. Call the Financial Aid Office at (719) 502-3000 or go to Enrollment Services in room A-107 for more information. It is recommended that you apply for financial aid at least six weeks before the beginning of the coming semester.

College Opportunity Fund

All Colorado residents should apply by computer at: www.CollegeInColorado.org If you don’t apply, you will end up paying more for your classes. If you have any problems applying, please go to the Enrollment Services office in room A-107.