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History is the study of the past and its meaning for the present. History teaches the research and analytical reasoning skills essential in modern society. The study of history also reveals the diversity and interconnectedness of human societies through past eras and into the present.

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  • Wayne Artis Wayne Artis Professor/Assistant to VPIS History of Western Civilization, 20th Century World (719) 502-3002 DT-S218, Box D37, Downtown Studio Wayne Artis received a bachelor’s degree with honors and a master’s degree in history from the University of Delaware, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He was a career army air defense artillery officer who served in a variety of assignments in Korea, Italy, Germany and France and also served as a political-military affairs specialist. He joined the adjunct history faculty in 1992 and full-time faculty in 1996 at Pikes Peak Community College and has also served as department chair and interim dean of two instructional divisions. In 2000 his colleagues at Pikes Peak Community College elected him faculty member of the year. From 2000 to 2004 he was the faculty advisor to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and currently serves on the GE-25 Council implementing the guaranteed transfer core curriculum in higher education in Colorado. Currently at Pikes Peak he teaches the Western Civilization survey courses and a course in 20th Century World History and is Co-chair of the History Department and responsible for transfer relationships with four-year colleges and universities as well as teacher preparation. When not at work, Wayne enjoys riding Lance, a seventeen hand former race horse, walking Train, a wimp Pit Bull, gardening, reading history, and listening to opera.
  • Glenn Rohlfing Glenn Rohlfing Professor History of Western Civilization, World History, 20th Century World, The Middle Ages (719) 502-3462 DT-S226, Box D37, Downtown Studio Glenn Rohlfing served honorably in the United States Army for eight years, where he was a 31 Uniform—Signal Support System Specialist. Under the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Glenn selected Pikes Peak Community College because of its flexibility and smaller class sizes. With the mentoring of Wayne Artis and Dr. Karen Wagner-who are now his colleagues, Glenn earned his Associates Degree in History, and transferred to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. At UCCS, he immersed himself in his studies by spending countless hours in the Writing Center and in the study rooms at the Kramer Family Library, which he fondly calls his monastic cell. Under the guidance of Dr. Wagner, Dr. Richard Wunderli and Jan Myers, Glenn fell in love with medieval history, studying medieval Scandinavia and the Icelandic Sagas while an undergraduate. In 2002, he entered graduate school and studied Jesuits in New France, Material Culture in the High Middle Ages, and the British Raj. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with High Distinction and earning the Outstanding Graduate in History for 2005, Glenn returned to teach at Pikes Peak Community College as an adjunct for three years, after which he was hired full-time. As a Pikes Peak Community College alum, Glenn is excited to teach at his alma mater because the students here are resourceful and overcome so many personal challenges in an effort to improve their lives and the lives of the loved ones around them. In 2010, Glenn became the Co-advisor to Phi Theta Kappa, an organization Glenn joined while a student. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honors society for two-year college students, focusing on four hallmarks: Scholarship, Service, Fellowship and Leadership. Mentoring students is one of Glenn’s passions; the Colorado Region recognized him as the Distinguished Chapter Advisor in Colorado for 2011. In 2012, Glenn was selected as one of Phi Theta Kappa’s Faculty Scholars for 2013; in the same year, he was also recognized as one of Phi Theta Kappa’s Distinguished Chapter Advisor internationally. Additionally the Communications, Humanities, Technical Services Division (CHTS) selected him as Pikes Peak Community College’s Faculty of the Year, and consequently, the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institute of Staff and Organization Development honored him as one of NISOD's Faculty of the Year. Glenn still has ambitions to obtain his PhD, either in Medieval History or in Community College Leadership. Learning is a life-long endeavor; everyday Pikes Peak Community College gives him the opportunity to learn from his students and colleagues.
  • Carrie Spencer Carrie Spencer Assistant Professor World History, Western Civilization (719) 502-3139 F-316, Box C16, Centennial Carrie spent her early years as an Air Force dependant and later as an Air Force wife traveling around the world and learning about varied cultures and their histories. She now enjoys teaching the World History courses here at PPCC and is especially passionate about Eastern studies. Her educational background includes a Master's Degree in History from the University of Colorado and a Master's Degree in Education also from the University of Colorado. Carrie loves the beautiful state of Colorado and enjoys hiking in the mountains and walking every morning. She is the mother of five sons...four of whom are also now in college. Carrie thoroughly enjoys her new role as an advisor to AA students and welcomes the chance to assist students in any way that she can.
  • Katherine Sturdevant Katherine Sturdevant Professor U.S. History, History of the Pikes Peak Region, U.S. Family History and Genealogy, American Indian History, History of the American Sourthwest, Women in U.S. History, Colorado History, History of the American West. (719) 502-3146 W-119h, Box R16, Rampart Range Katherine Scott Sturdevant, Professor of History, has been the lead American history teacher at PPCC for over 20 years. She teaches all of the American specialties in the curriculum, including family, women’s, environmental, Native American, West, Southwest, Colorado, and Pikes Peak Region history. Kathy team-teaches learning communities (with COM Prof. Stephen Collins) that integrate U.S. History with Public Speaking or Group Communication. Kathy and Steve help other faculty offer learning communities too. Statewide, Kathy is the history chair for all community college faculty. She has won local, state, and national awards for teaching excellence. As a local history expert, she works with the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the Pikes Peak Library District, and gives many public presentations. She has published two books on doing family history, Bringing Your Family History to Life through Social History and Organizing and Preserving Your Heirloom Documents. She also manages two historic preservation projects: one, to restore the internationally significant 1902 Victor (CO) Miners’ Union Hall where her great-grandfather was president, and the other to restore the flood-ravaged Ira Sturdevant House, the oldest house in Waverly, Iowa, built by her husband’s great-great-great grandfather in 1855. Kathy is passionate about teaching students history and helping them reach their goals through advising.
  • Karen Wagner Karen Wagner Professor Western Civilization, History of Islamic Civilization (719) 502-3148 F-354, Box C16, Centennial An ‘almost native’ of Colorado Springs, Karen graduated from Mitchell High School in 1976, and went on to earn a BA in History and Political Science from the University of Denver, an MA in History from UCCS, and an MA and PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. She teaches in both the History and Humanities Departments: History of Western Civilization, History of Islamic Civilization, Humanities: Early Civilizations, Humanities: from Medieval to Modern, and World Mythology. Karen says, “I have a particular interest in intellectual and cultural history, especially in those time periods when intelligence and culture appear to have been in short supply.” When not busy separating historical truth from error, Karen knits, hikes, cooks, transcribes medieval manuscripts, and reads murder mysteries, but preferably not all at once.

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Roxanne Yelvington

"Learning the ropes was a difficult task, but through all the bedlam, it was the history department that pulled me through."
Update: Roxanne is currently an Instructor in History at Front Range Community College.

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