The Humanities

Who are you? What kinds of music, movies, books do you like? What are your favorite clothing styles?  How do you wear your hair?  What are your favorite foods and drinks?

You may be able to answer these questions fairly easily, but have you ever thought about why you like these things?  If the possible answer to this question interests you, then studying the Humanities is the place for you!

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"Without the humanities to teach us how history has succeeded or failed in directing the fruits of technology and science to the betterment of our tribe of homo sapiens, without the humanities to teach us how to frame the discussion and to properly debate the uses-and the costs-of technology, without the humanities to teach us how to safely debate how to create a more just society with our fellow man and woman, technology and science would eventually default to the ownership of-and misuse by-the most influential, the most powerful, the most feared among us."

~ Edwin Edwards