• Martin Conrad Martin Conrad Assistant Professor MA in History Art History/Art Appreciation (719) 502-3436 F-341, Box C16, Centennial
  • Dionne Howell Dionne Howell Assistant Professor (719) 502-3491 F-248, Box C12, Centennial
  • Shanon Lawson Shanon Lawson Faculty (719) 502-3070 F-215, Box C12, Centennial
  • Kate Pagel Kate Pagel Faculty (719) 502-3427 F-351, Box C16, Centennial
  • Karen Wagner Karen Wagner Professor Western Civilization, History of Islamic Civilization (719) 502-3148 F-354, Box C16, Centennial An ‘almost native’ of Colorado Springs, Karen graduated from Mitchell High School in 1976, and went on to earn a BA in History and Political Science from the University of Denver, an MA in History from UCCS, and an MA and PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. She teaches in both the History and Humanities Departments: History of Western Civilization, History of Islamic Civilization, Humanities: Early Civilizations, Humanities: from Medieval to Modern, and World Mythology. Karen says, “I have a particular interest in intellectual and cultural history, especially in those time periods when intelligence and culture appear to have been in short supply.” When not busy separating historical truth from error, Karen knits, hikes, cooks, transcribes medieval manuscripts, and reads murder mysteries, but preferably not all at once.