Nursing Program Options

PPCC offers the following nursing program options:

  • Nursing Assistant (NUA) Certificate
  • Registered Nurse (RN) Associate of Applied Science Degree - LPN Exit Option
  • Dual Enrollment RN to BSN Program 

Nursing Assistant (NUA) Certificate

Nursing Assistant classes are offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters with many scheduling options, including evening and weekends.  There are no prerequisites.  The coursework takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks to complete.  The program offers experiences in lab, nursing homes, and/or hospital settings.  Students learn to become direct caregivers as a part of a team.

Students are eligible to take the State certification exam for Nurse Aide after completion of NUA 101, 170, and 171.  They will also be eligible to receive a certificate from PPCC.

For more information please review the program degree & requirements information in the catalog.

Registered Nurse (RN) Associate of Applied Science Degree - LPN Exit Option

Fall 2016 Registered Nurse Program Application - Due May 18, 2016!

Applicants to the Registered Nurse Program must complete all prerequisite courses, the CNA coursework (or have an active CNA license), and the TEAS entrance exam prior to submitting an application.  Acceptance into the program is competitive and points are awarded based on a student's GPA in the prerequisite courses, in addition to a previously awarded accredited degree.  

Upon successful completion of the first year of the Nursing Program, and the Summer Session course NUR 169 Transition Into Practical Nursing, students will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN State certification exam and become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

The RN program is a two year program and upon successful completion, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN State certification exam.

For more information please review the program degree & requirements information in the catalog.

Dual Enrollment RN to BSN Program

Application Deadlines: May 5th, (summer); July 5th, (fall); December 5th, (spring)

The Dual Enrollment RN to BSN option is designed for students currently enrolled in the ADN Program who would like to begin working on their BSN while studying to obtain their RN license. Dual Enrollment means you continue to take courses toward your ADN while also taking courses at UCCS that will count toward obtaining a BSN.

Students who have completed at least one semester of their ADN coursework, have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, and a letter of support from a nursing faculty member are eligible to apply. 

Please visit and click on the Dual Enrollment option for more information.


Nursing Program Costs

The following tuition rates are 2015-2016 On Campus rates, and are subject to change. This does not include the tuition and fees for the pre-requisite courses. Book prices are estimated and are also subject to change. This is not an all-inclusive supply list; some of the costs are estimated and subject to change without notice. 

Please refer to current tuition and fees on our website.

Supplies/Requirements for Nursing Program*

Uniforms & Lab Coat/Shoes Supplies $   350
Watch with a second hand $     40
Stethoscope $   137
CPR Class (HPR 102) $     60
PPCC Nursing Patch $     4
Criminal Background Check/10-Panel Drug Screen $      63
ATI Testing Materials over 4 Semesters $  533.35
Total:   $ 1,222


Tuberculin Skin Test $     20
Tetanus $     45
Hepatitis B Vaccine $   165
MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) $     75
Varicella Titer or Vaccine $    125
Influenze $      25
Total: $  455


Tuition Costs

1st Year Courses

Course Credits Resident w/COF Non Resident Books
NUR 109 6 $ 1,151.40 $ 3,212.40 $ 322.30
NUR 112 2 $ 383.80 $ 1,070.80 $ 181.95
BIO 202 4 $ 522.00 $ 2,141.60 $ 532.95
MAT 103 3 $ 391.50 $ 1,606.20 $ 101.35
NUR 106 7 $ 1,343.30 $ 3,747.80 $ 263.00
NUR 150 6 $ 1,151.40 $ 3,212.40 $ 250.40
BIO 216 4 $ 522.00 $ 2,141.60 $ 137.50
Total:   $ 5,465.40 $ 17,132.80 $ 1,789.45


2nd Year Courses

Courses Credits Resident w/COF Non Resident Books
NUR 206 6.5 $ 1,247.35 $ 3,480.10 $ 506.05
NUR 212 2 $ 383.80 $ 1,070.80 $ 181.95
NUR 211 4 $ 767.60 $ 2,141.60 $ 109.25
NUR 216 5 $ 959.50 $ 2,677.00 $ 0
NUR 230 4 $ 767.60 $ 2,141.60 $ 75.45
Total:    $ 4,125.85 $ 11,511.10 $ 872.70


            Resident w/COF        Non Resident     Books
Total 1st & 2nd Year:  $ 9,591.25 $ 28,643.90 $ 2,662.15 


RN State Board Licensure/NCLEX Fees $ 285.00


Grand Total            Resident w/COF: $14,215.40  Non Resident: $33,268.05

Nursing Application Process

Fall 2016 Registered Nurse Program Application - Due May 18, 2016!

Students interested in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program and the LPN Exit Option will need to complete all of the following steps to be considered for admission.

Application Submission is not a Guarantee of Acceptance into the Nursing Program!

* - Steps 1 & 2 are for NEW students.  If you are already enrolled at PPCC, you do not need to re-enroll, or re-submit transcripts if already submitted.

*Step 1 - Fill out Pikes Peak Community College Admission Form in the Admissions office at one of the three campuses, or at  If you are already enrolled as a student, you do not need to repeat this step.

*Step 2 - Request copies of official transcripts (including high school and any colleges attended other than Pikes Peak Community College) be sent to:

Pikes Peak Community College
5675 S. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 502-3000

If you have already submitted your transcripts to PPCC, you do not need to repeat this step.  Please Note: You will still need to include UNOFFICIAL copies of transcripts of any college attended (including PPCC) with the Nursing Program application.

Verify that transcripts have been received by the Records office.  Prerequisite courses for the Nursing Program MUST be transferred over to your PPCC transcripts.

Step 3 - Attend a Nursing Information Session. Dates are located on the Nursing Department webpage.

Step 4 - Complete, with a C or better, the following prerequisite courses.   The 4 courses should have a minimum combined GPA of 2.5.  ALL PREREQUISITES must be completed before applyingApplications with prerequisite coursework still in progress will not be considered.

  • ENG 121 English Composition I (3 Credits)
  • PSY 235 Human Growth and Development (3 Credits)
  • BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credits)
  • BIO 204 Microbiology (4 Credits)

All Biology (BIO) prerequisites must be completed within seven (7) years of entry into CCCS Nursing Programs.  No more than one grade of D or F allowed in any of the 200 level BIO courses that are required for the Nursing Program in the past seven years.

Step 5 - Complete the Certified Nursing Assistant (NUA) coursework within the CCCS System, OR have an Active CNA certificate. (If Nursing Assistant Certificate is obtained through a private company or an out-of-state institution, student must obtain an Active CNA certificate).  

  • NUA 101 Certified Nurse Aid Health Care Skills
  • NUA 170 Nurse Assistant Clinical Experience
  • NUA 171 Advanced Nurse Aide Clinical

Step 6 - Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Version 5 pre-nursing examination by making an appointment at the PPCC Testing Center, Centennial (719) 502-3370, Rampart Range (719) 502-3380. If you are not in Colorado Springs, the test can be taken at other educational institutions. The test takes approximately 3.5 hours and costs $80. A study guide is available in the PPCC bookstore and at the test website. Additional information can be found at

The Adjusted Individual Score, Reading Score, and Mathematics Score must be at or above the current national mean, as noted on the student's individual final TEAS report. Applicants can take the exam a maximum of twice in the 12 months prior to application.

Step 7 - Complete ADN application form  Application must be returned to the Nursing Office located at the Rampart Range campus in room E213.  Hand delivery recommended.  Nursing Department is not responsible for misplaced application materials or failed delivery of application materials.

Applicants are required to submit unofficial transcripts from ALL previous college course work, including Pikes Peak Community College (do not include high school transcripts).  The PPCC transcript MUST show ALL prerequisite courses, including those transferred from another college.

Any student who has not been successful in another nursing program within the past 5 years will not be eligible to apply to the PPCC Nursing Program, your application will be denied.  Student may not have a current, active LPN or RN License in Colorado or any other state.

Next Steps

Applicants who have completed steps 1 to 7 will have their file reviewed by the ADN Admissions Committee. The Nursing Department will not accept any additional application materials after the deadline. Notification letters will be sent after the Admissions Committee has reviewed all applications. Please note that inquiries about the status of an application before the scheduled notification date will only slow down the process.

Competitive Ranking

Provisional admission is based on a merit evaluation of GPA in the prerequisite courses and previously awarded degrees. Applicants meeting all admission criteria will be ranked on a point system. A maximum of 42 points will be awarded on the following criteria:

  1. GPA from prerequisites, a minimum of 2.5 (25-40 points)
  2. A previously awarded accredited degree (2 points)

GPA will be considered as the first criteria based on the number of applicants and the number of slots available.  Competitive Ranking is based on a maximum of 40 – 42 points with 2 of the points awarded for an accredited degree. In case of multiple applicants with the same number of points, selection will be based on GPA only as priority for available slots. 

All Decisions are made by the Admissions Committee and are FINAL!

Nursing Background Check Disqualifying Offenses

The Colorado Community College System (“CCCS”) and the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education authorize the nursing programs to conduct a background investigation of all student applicants. The clinical sites used in the nursing programs require background checks of all potential interns. The purpose is to maintain a safe and productive educational and clinical environment. New students who refuse to comply with the background investigation will not be allowed to enter a CCCS Nursing Program.

For questions regarding disqualifying offenses or background check issues, please contact PPCC Human Resources representative Patricia Padeway at (719) 502-2296.

An applicant will be disqualified from a CCCS nursing program based on the following guidelines:

  • Any violent felony convictions of homicide. (No time limit)
  • Crimes of violence (assault, sexual offenses, arson, kidnapping, any crime against an at-risk adult or juvenile, etc.) as defined in section 18-1.3-406 C.R.S. in the 10 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any offense involving unlawful sexual behavior in the 10 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any crime, the underlying basis of which has been found by the court on the record to include an act of domestic violence, as defined in section 18-6-800.3 C.R.S. in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any crime of child abuse, as defined in section 18-6-401 C.R.S. in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any crime related to the sale, possession, distribution or transfer of narcotics or controlled substances in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any felony theft crimes in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any misdemeanor theft crimes in the 5 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Any offense of sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist, as defined in section 18-3-405.5 C.R.S. in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Crimes of moral turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness/exposure, etc.) in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.
  • Registered Sex Offenders. (No time limit)
  • Any offense in another state, the elements of which are substantially similar to the elements of any of the above offenses.
  • More than one (1) D.U.I. in the 7 years immediately preceding the submittal of application.

Although possession and use of marijuana consistent with the requirements of the Colorado Constitution is no longer a crime in the State of Colorado, the possession and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Consistent with federal law, including the Controlled Substances Act and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, the use and/or possession of marijuana continue to be prohibited while a student is on campus, including any time the student is in a clinical experience or representing the College.

If the investigation reveals information that could be relevant to the application, the designated individual responsible for background checks may request additional information from the applicant. The offense shall be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Nursing Scholarships