Hello To All PPCC Nursing Students!



Clinical Information

Clinical & Computer Training Information


Centura System (Penrose / St. Francis)

Prior to the start of your clinical training at Centura you must complete the following:

  1. Confidentiality agreement – if you have not done so already, sign and return to your clinical or theory instructor. The confidentiality agreement must be turned in every rotation.
  2. Read and review documents located on reserve in the Rampart Range library or on line. The on line documents are located on HTTP://www.ppcc.edu/departments/nursing; select Resources; select clinical information.
    1. Vehicle Registration – copy and bring to first day of clinical training.
    2. OSA Wristband Standardization Project.
    3. Safety Extravaganza.
    4. Red Rules.
    5. The JCAHO Pocket (TJC) Guide
    6. Centura Health Integrity Standards – copy and sign Centura Integrity Standards and return to your theory or clinical instructor
    7. HIPAA in the News
    8. Share: Putting Our Values Into Action
    9. Centura Policies: Dress Code, Occurrence Reporting, Student Rotation
    10. Comprehensive Tests – copy and complete, bring to first day of clinical training
  3. Computer training – you may be required to attend again. Training takes place at the following location:
  • ASC Building (Administrative Support Center)
  • 3030 N. Cascade Ave
  • Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Prior to attending this training you must complete the online Meditech training modules.  When instructed, you will call the Centura help desk (791-560-4200) and obtain your login ID and password. The help desk will ask you for the last 4 numbers of your PPCC student “S” number. You will use your login and password to access the student modules. You must print out and bring in your attestation form to the training.

Following are Further Instructions for Student Nurses on How to Log on and Use Online Centura Meditech training modules.


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