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"We agreed that ease in learning, a good memory, courage and high-mindedness belong to the philosophic nature."


What is Philosophy?

Pondering the bigger questions.

Philosophy fearlessly explores the big questions: What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose in living? What is the nature of happiness? Is there a God? How do I decide what is right and wrong? What is the nature of reality and of human consciousness? Are there limits to what can be known? Will a machine ever duplicate the mind? Why do we need government and what should be its role?

Why study philosophy?

For most, philosophy as a career in and of itself is useful only if one plans to pursue a college teaching career. However, especially for those seeking post graduate studies in areas like  law, economics, government, politics, environmental policy, theology, and emerging innovative industries, the study of philosophy has proven invaluable.  

Philosophy and Entering Post Undergraduate Programs

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam), LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) are tests designed to test your aptitude for graduate school, much the same way the SAT and ACT are designed to test your aptitude for an bachelor's degree.  These exams require extensive practice in logical thinking and critical analysis, central to the practice of philosophy.  Philosophy students tend to score among highest of all students on the GRE, LSAT and GMAT exams. See useful links on our Program Information page.

The Philosophy Program Mission:

Our mission is to explore boldly the big questions of life with wonder and civility, to comprehend diverse philosophical views on these questions, and to equip learners with conceptual tools, critical thinking, communication and writing skills. We play the role of the Socratic "gadfly," encouraging deeper understanding and clear thinking. We foster student success by nurturing mature, independent thinkers who are self aware and make positive contributions to society. We collaborate with our colleagues and seek to benefit our community with these philosophical values and occasional programs of interest.

Program Advisors:

  • Bruce McCluggage Bruce McCluggage Faculty / Adjunct (719) 502-3493 DT-S202, D-37
  • Dan Shaw Dan Shaw Faculty PhD, MA, BA Philosophy and Religious Studies (719) 502-3151 W-119Y, R-16
    PhD Northwestern University, Comparative Relgions
    MA Northwestern University Religion
    BA University of Wiscons-Eau Claire, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Richard Trussell Richard Trussell Faculty (719) 502-3147 F-217, C-16

"The Universe & You"

Join Andy Fletcher for a cross-disciplinary Astrophysics, Quantum and Philosophy lecture presented in layman's terms this October 24th!

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And the answer is...

Life, the Universe & Everything

"Reality is not real in the way we think it is." Explore our strange universe with Andy Fletcher and his Theory of Knowledge seminars. Learn More