So You Want to Be a Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keeping Technology is designed to prepare students to be zoo keepers and animal care professionals. Classes include training in science foundations, animal husbandry, career development, horticulture, exhibit design, and veterinary zoo keeping giving the students the background for a career in the animal care field.

Let Your Dreams Run Wild

With your degree in Zoo Keeping Technology, your new best friend just might be a black-footed ferret, a kangaroo, a giraffe, or a myriad of other animals.  Zoos everywhere have been reinventing themselves and moving to the forefront of the effort to protect and reestablish endangered species.  Graduates of this program have gone on to work at zoos and other facilities nationwide.  You too can contribute to the growing knowledge and understanding necessary to maintain the world's zoological diversity.

Direct experience working with animals

Besides classwork, students will complete 3 hands-on internships worth a total of 675 hours of working directly with animals. In coordination with our Intern Coordinator, you will be able to intern at a wide variety of facilities found nationwide; examples include Zoos, Aquariums, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers, Humane Societies, and Division of Wildlife facilities.


We are flexible in allowing students to take the "fun" classes immediately and tailor the program pace and order of classes for each student, creating a unique experience for you.

Interesting Classes

  • Animal Training
  • Exhibit and Horticulture Design for Zoo Exhibits
  • Veterinary Zoo Keeping
  • Animal Conservation in Captivity
  • Introduction to Elephants