This program is designed to prepare students to be zoo keepers and animal care professionals. Classes include training in science foundations, animal husbandry, career development, horticulture, exhibit design and veterinary zoo keeping giving the students the background for a career in the animal care field.

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  • Tracey Anderson Tracey Anderson Faculty Introduction to Zoo Keeping, Safety and Zoonosis, Career Development, Reptile and Amphibian Husbandry, Fish and Invertebrate Husbandry, Animal Conservation in Captivity, Veterinary Zoo Keeping (719) 502-3443 F-300, C-13


    6 ½ years in private large and small animal veterinary practices on the Western Slope and in Phoenix, AZ.
    Cheyenne Mt Zoo for 11 ½ years: BFF Conservation Keeper, Reptile Keeper and Hospital Manager (8 ½ years)
    Started at PPCC in 1995, helped CMZ staff develop original curriculum.
    Adjunct in 1996, then picked up the Internships and Zoo Keeping Liaison positions as semester contracted.  Became .5 faculty in 2009, Full time faculty in 2011.


    Cancer survivor! (not many students know that!)

    Favorite Animal

    (can’t pick just one) – Domestic – Horse, Furry – Snow leopard, Scaly – Gaboon Viper, Feathery – Snowy Owl

    Live on 5 acres in Peyton with my two sons, two horses, two cats and dog.


    Don’t have much spare time for hobbies, but horseback riding would be it.


    When I grow up I want to be a wildlife videographer for National Geographic.
    When I get old, I’m going to pinch and bite.