The New Concrete5

With the launch of the new website you will notice that Concrete5, our content management system, is new and improved. For the most part editing will be almost exactly the same. Notable differences will be in adding new content and the newly implemented workflow.

Logging in and Editing

Visit the current editor login page, you will use your network password to login. The same one you use to access the computers.

Edit Mode

  • Visit the page you wish to edit.
  • Click edit mode on the top left of the page.

Edit Block

Click on the block, then edit. Edit block and click save. Your submission will be sent to a workflow for approval.

Adding Blocks

Adding blocks are easy but styling them so they have a white background for example, is more advanced. You can add blocks to areas that already have a background color and be fine. To be able to add new content blocks correctly you will likely need additional training. Sign up for a web training in the near future.


In order to maintain compliance with website accessibility each page will be submitted for approval, then reviewed by the web governance group. This process should not take longer than 1 day to review and publish changes. You will still be able to edit and save your work it just will not go live until someone else has reviewed it.

To expedite the process and remove the workflow for your edits sign up for the web training.

Sign Up for a Web Training