About AVP

The Area Vocational Program at PPCC provides occupational skill development and training for junior and senior high school students from all over the Pikes Peak region.

School districts pay the cost of the program through a contractual agreement with Pikes Peak Community College.

Real-World Readiness

In addition to teaching career-technical skills, the Area Vocational Program strives to prepare students for the world of work by teaching the related academics and workplace basics that are essential for employment. Instruction is provided in classrooms, laboratories, and in business and industry. In most programs, only AVP students are enrolled; in others, they learn side-by-side with college students. All instructors in the Area Vocational Program are occupationally experienced and vocationally credentialed.

Earn College Credits

Students attending the Area Vocational Program earn credit, which can be applied toward high school graduation. Curriculum for AVP courses is a compilation of various entry-level college courses for that particular area of study. The number of courses covered within each program and the grades students achieve within those individual courses throughout the year will determine the amount of college credit received. This college credit may be applied to a post secondary certificate or degree.