PPCC Logo Formats

Use the table below to help choose the right format for your project. 

Example Project.EPS.JPG.PNG
Banners, posters, ads, signs, etc.      X
Waterbottles, mugs, pencils. t-shirts, tablecloths, etc.      X
Word Documents       X       X
Transparent Background       X
External Websites       X       X



Download Full Color


Download Black


Download White





Download Full Color


Download Black


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Logo   Do’s & Don’ts

To maintain the equity and value of our brand, the logo must never be altered. Most common misuses are shown here.


Logo Clear Space

Clear space is the area around the logo that separates it from any other text or graphics. Keep all other elements outside of this area.


Logo Minimum Size

In general the logo should not be smaller than recommended to insure that it reproduces properly in print.


Logo Colors

The logo may only be reproduced using the college’s core colors. The approved logo color combination is Red with Black. When a one color logo is needed it can be reproduced in black (K) or white (Reverse). Only use white if printing on a dark background.


Our Core Colors
(Shown in RGB)

These three colors represent the distinctive characteristics of the PPCC brand.

Red represents the college’s passion for helping students succeed.
CMYK: 20/100/100/12
RGB: 181/23/44
Hex: #b5172c
Pantone: 1807(U)(C)
CMYK: 26/96/88/31
RGB: 138/33/37
Hex: #882227
Pantone: None
CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 16/16/16
Hex: #101010
Pantone: None
CMYK: 0/0/0/40
RGB: 167/169/172
Hex: #A7A9AB
Pantone: None
CMYK: 0/0/0/60
RGB: 109/111/113
Hex: #6D6F71
Pantone: None

Color Usage Scale

The color usage scale is an example of how much color should be used in proportion to the others when creating official documents.

Brand Fonts

Our goal is to choose fonts that represent quality and professionalism while being highly readable. The College has chosen one primary font family—Helvetica Neue LT Std—to complement the logo. This font offers a wide range of weights and styles. A few of them are shown below. In creating materials for PPCC, please use this font. * 

We advise staying away from highly decorative and script fonts. These include fonts like: comic sans, papyrus, curlz, mistral, lucida calligraphy and brush script.

*If Helvetica Neue Lt Std is not available, Helvetica or Arial are approved substitutes. The fonts Helvetica Neue Lt Std and Helvetica are part of the standard installation on Apple OS X, while the font Arial is part of the standard installation on Microsoft Windows.


Templates For General Use:


PPCC Powerpoint Template

This Powerpoint template has multiple slides that can be eddited based on your message. 


Promotional Tri-fold Brochure

Use this full color brochure template to promote campus activities/events or your department or program.


Promotional Poster

Use this full color 11 x 17 poster template to promote campus activities/events or your department or program.


Templates For Instructional Use Only:

Program Flyer

Use this full color 81/2 x 11 program flyer EXCLUSIVELY for academic programs. It is specifically designed for the purpose of recruiting prospective students. No other departments should use this template.

This flyer should contain the "nuts and bolts" of the area of study/program including: an overview, why a student would choose PPCC to study this (why are we better or different), core educational requirements, sample curriculum, and career prospects. 


Student Profile 2014



Fast Facts 2014



Our History



President's Bio




 A complete list of all PPCC Degree programs and Certificate programs are available from the Publications & Printing Dept. Please use their online request form or call 502-2186.


A photo can speak a thousand words – that’s why not any photo will do. Using the right photo helps build the image of the PPCC brand, as well as brings the message to life.

All PPCC photos should create a sense of place and belonging, show the PPCC campuses and depict PPCC students doing real PPCC activities. Stock and generic photography should NEVER be used.

Composition & color of photography The tone of the photography should always be impactful, natural and intelligent. Regardless of subject matter, photography should be honest, spontaneous and authentic. We avoid using images that are overly staged or slick.

The composition and color of the photography should be alive; it should be bright and upbeat. We sometimes use black and white imagery, as long as it has high contrast. Images should have a clear focus and a good deal of clear space so there’s room to place copy and graphics. We stay away from photos that are busy, gloomy and muddy.

Using PPCC photography

PPCC photography is organized into three main categories: people, places, events. Each should tell a story about the type of people one might meet, the places one might go, or the things one might do at the college.