Associate of Applied Science Degree
Fire Science Technology

This program is designed to prepare individuals who have little or no experience with the firefighting profession for entry-level positions in the fire service industry. This program is also designed to allow experienced firefighters to receive awarded credits for knowledge gained through experience and training through the Fire Science Credit for Prior Learning Program, after which their learning can be expanded by successfully completing additional courses to complete the degree.

A plan for the entry into and completion of the fire science technology degree should be discussed with the Fire Science faculty advisors. This advising is needed to provide thorough information on the requirements of the degree program as well as to align the courses of the degree with the students’ academic and career goals. Please contact or for more information.

Students may complete deficiencies concurrently with the beginning courses in the program. Students not meeting a course prerequisite must have instructor permission to enroll.

The Fire Science Technology AAS degree requires 70 credits for completion. 15 credits are in general education, 12 credits are in technical electives, and 43 credits are in required technical courses. 

Recommended basic skills standards are:

  • AAA 090
  • ENG 090
  • MAT 030
  • REA 090

General Education Courses:

  • CIS  118 Introduction to PC Applications   OR   CSC 105 Computer Literacy
  • ENG 121 English Composition I: CO1   OR   ENG 131 Technical Writing
  • ENG 122 English Composition II: CO2   OR   COM 225 Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • MAT 107 Career Math or higher level math
  • POS 111 American Government: SS1   OR   PSY 101 General Psychology I: SS3 

Technical Courses:

  • FST 102  Introduction to Fire Science/Suppression
  • FST 103  Firefighter Occupational Health and Safety
  • FST 104  Fire Protection Systems
  • FST 105  Building Plans and Construction
  • FST 106  Fire Inspection Practices
  • FST 107  Hazardous Materials Operations Level I
  • FST 201  Instructional Methodology
  • FST 202  Fire Fighting Strategy and Tactics
  • FST 203  Fire Science Hydraulics
  • FST 204  Fire Codes and Ordinances
  • FST 205  Fire Cause Determination
  • FST 206  Fire Company Supervision and Leadership
  • FST 250  Chemistry for Fire Protection
  • FST 259  Wildland Firefighting Strategy and Tactics 

Technical Elective Courses:

Choose 12-hours from the following courses:

  • EMS 115  First Responder
  • EMS 125  EMT Basic
  • EMS 100  Firefighter I
  • EMS 150  Introduction to Fire Prevention Education
  • FST 160  Candidate Physical Abilities Preparation Class
  • FST 207  Fire Fighter Strategy and Tactics II
  • FST 252  Fire Arson Investigation
  • FST 254  Hazardous Materials Technical Level
  • FST 257  Fire Department Administration
  • Other FST credits do count for Technical Elective courses


Basic Firefighter

  • EMS 125  EMT Basic
  • FST 100  Firefighter I
  • FST 107  Hazardous Material Operations