Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science degree is for students who want an emphasis in natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, pre-engineering, and allied health. These students also intend to transfer to a four year college or university. 

Spend two years at PPCC, earning your Associate of Science, and we’ll send you off with half the credits you’ll need for a Bachelor of Science Degree, Guaranteed.

If you sign up for the 60+60 Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Program, we guarantee that the credits you’ve earned at PPCC will automatically be accepted by any four-year, public institution of higher learning in the state – providing, of course, you follow a few simple rules. For instance, you have to maintain at least a “C” in each of your 60+60 courses. And only approved 60+60 courses apply. But other than that, there’s hardly anything difficult about it.

If you have questions concerning transferring to a state college or university after completing your degree at PPCC, contact one of our military advisors at about the 60+60 program.

An AS in a Pre-Medical field is a great start if you are interested in becoming a physician, pharmacist, chiropractor or dentist. A degree in mathematics opens the door to actuarial science, statistics, and economics as well as opportunities in education. An AS in a Pre-Allied Health Field is a great start if you are interested in becoming a nurse, physical therapist, medical technologist, crime lab analyst or many other careers in the medical field. According to the NACE Job Outlook 2007 survey, college students with a math- or science-related degree are likely to earn significantly higher starting pay than their peers. Whether you’re interested in computer science, nursing, engineering or physical therapy, an AS is the right degree for you. Meet with your advisor to develop your degree plan for your career goals.

Degree Requirements

I. Communication

Nine (9) credit hours

  • GT-CO1: ENG 121
  • GT-CO2: ENG 122
  • COM 115 or COM 125*

*This requirement is a Colorado Community College System requirement and is in addition to the State Guaranteed General Education Transfer Courses.

II. Art and Humanities

Nine (9) credit hours

Select three (3) courses, with no more than two (2) courses from any one (1) of the following categories:

  • GT-AH1: ART 110, ART 111, ART 112, MUS 120, MUS 121, MUS 122
  • GT-AH2: HUM 121, HUM 122, HUM 123, LIT 115, LIT 201, LIT 202, LIT 211, LIT 212, LIT 221, LIT 222
  • GT-AH3: PHI 111, PHI 112, PHI 113, PHI 114, PHI 214
  • GT-AH4: FRE 211, FRE 212, GER 211, GER 212, SPA 211, SPA 212

III. Mathematics

Four (4) credit hours minimum (credit hours over four (4) will be applied to the electives category). 

  • GT-MA1: MAT 121, MAT 122, MAT 125, MAT 166, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 203, MAT 255, MAT 265

IV. Social and Behavioral Sciences

Nine (9) credit hours 

Select 3 courses, at least 1 of which must be History, with no more than 2 courses from any 1 category.

  • GT-HI1: HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 111, HIS 112, HIS 201, HIS 202, HIS 247
  • GT-SS1: ECO 201, ECO 202, POS 105, POS 111, POS 205
  • GT-SS2: GEO 105, GEO 106
  • GT-SS3: ANT 101, ANT 107,ANT 111, ANT 215, PSY 101, PSY 102, PSY 205, PSY 226, PSY 235, PSY 238, PSY 249, SOC 101, SOC 102

V. Physical and Life Sciences

Eight (8) credit hours: select two (2) courses (credits over eight (8) will be applied to the electives category). 

  • GT-SC1: AST 101, AST 102, BIO 105, BIO 111, BIO 112, BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 204, CHE 101, CHE 102, CHE 105, CHE 111, CHE 112, GEO 111, GEY 111, GEY 121, PHY 105, PHY 111, PHY 112, PHY 211, PHY 212

VI. Computer Communication (3 credits)

Choose three (3) credits from CSC 105, CSC 120, or any generally transferable CSC course.

Students entering with strong computer skills have three options for meeting this requirement:

a) Challenge and receive credit for CSC 105 by enrolling in an Open Entry/ Open Exit section and successfully completing with a C or higher. 

b) Meet the requirement through Credit for Prior Learning.

c) Waive the requirement by applying to the Business, Social & Behavioral Sciences Division. Waiving will require proof of competency via completion of a self test and a structured interview with a faculty member from the CSC department. Waiver also requires the credits be replaced by another elective from the approved elective course list.

VII. Electives

Eighteen (18) credits selected from the AS approved course list. 

Other Requirements

  1. A minimum of 60 credit hours in a prescribed program of study with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (a C average). At least 15 of these credit hours must be earned from PPCC.
  2. Only six (6) elective credits are allowed in any combination of PED courses.
  3. Students may concentrate their study in a specialized area such as biological sciences, chemistry, or pre-engineering. Many “Course of Study” are included in the next section of this catalog.
  4. Career and technical courses, whether taken at another institution or at PPCC, are not accepted toward this degree without approval of the vice president for educational services. Approval is given only when it is appropriate to the educational objectives of a student.
  5. Courses numbered below 100 do not apply toward degrees.

Foreign Language Note: It is advisable to verify the foreign language admissions requirements for the university/four-year college you are planning to attend. For example, many of the Colorado four-year institutions require foreign languages for admission; the CU system requires 2-3 years of high school foreign language (or equivalent 2-3 semesters at Pikes Peak Community College). Students planning to attend a Colorado four-year institution who do not have the prerequisite foreign language requirement from high school should consider enrolling in these courses in addition to the degree requirements.

Approved Elective Course List for AS Degrees

These courses are guaranteed to transfer as part of the 60+60 Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Program. State-wide and individual college transfer agreements prescribe electives which transfer as part of those programs. Students who transfer prior to completing the AS degree are responsible for checking transfer of individual courses with the receiving four-year institution. 

Eighteen (18) credits must be selected from the following list of Mathematics and Science courses to complete the Associate of Science Degree


  • MAT 121 College Algebra
  • MAT 122 College Trigonometry
  • MAT 125 Survey of Calculus
  • MAT 166 Pre-Calculus
  • MAT 201 Calculus I
  • MAT 202 Calculus II
  • MAT 203 Calculus III
  • MAT 215 Discrete Mathematics
  • MAT 255 Linear Algebra
  • MAT 265 Differential Equations


  • AST 101 Astronomy I
  • BIO 111 General College Biology I w/Lab
  • BIO 112 General College Biology II w/Lab
  • BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO 204 Microbiology
  • CHE 111  General Chemistry I 
  • CHE 112 General Chemistry II
  • CHE 211  Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II
  • CSC 120 Problem Solving with (Software Package)
  • CSC 126 Game Design and Development
  • CSC 150 Visual Basic Programming
  • CSC 154 Introduction to MS Visual Basic.NET 
  • CSC 160, 161 Computer Science I, II (Language)
  • CSC 165 Discrete Structures
  • CSC 200 Game Programming I
  • CSC 216 Computer Game Logic and Design
  • CSC 225 Computer Organization/Asmbly Lang Programming
  • CSC 230 C Programming: Unix
  • CSC 240 Java Programming
  • GEO 111 Physical Geography – Landforms
  • GEO 112 Physical Geography – Weather and Climate
  • GEY 111 Physical Geology: SC1
  • GEY 121 Historical Geology
  • PHY 111 Physics: Algebra Based I w/Lab
  • PHY 112 Physics: Algebra Based II w/Lab
  • PHY 211 Physics: Calculus Based I w/Lab
  • PHY 212 Physics: Calculus Based II w/Lab