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Active Duty Navy Stationed in Colorado

These instructions are for active duty Navy service members who are permanently assigned to a military installation in Colorado and their dependent family members. Please follow these instructions carefully. Contact the Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) Peterson AFB office at (719) 502-4300 or if you have any questions.

To review the current PPCC College Catalog.  If you have previously taken classes with PPCC, you can skip to registration.

Becoming a Student

Step 1: Advising

Contact your Navy College Office, choose.  Be sure that you understand your degree plan and what tuition charges and fees your military Tuition Assistance (TA) dollars will pay. If you are interested in a PPCC associate’s degree, please contact the Peterson PPCC office at (719) 502-4300 to make an appointment with the PPCC academic advisor or send an email to

Step 2: Apply

Apply to PPCC before you request TA.  It’s simple and it’s free!  Complete an online application.  This process takes about 24- to 48- hours for review and approval.

Step 3: Take the Placement Test

This is a Colorado state requirement and is one test that everybody aces. For placement test information at those locations, please click here.  Additionally, placement testing is available at the PPCC main campuses.  For placement test information at those locations, please click here.  You can also contact the military offices to request online study guides to assist in preparing for the placement test.

Step 4: Credit for Military Service

To learn how your Military Service may apply to a PPCC Associates Degree, please choose Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).  You can request your JST be sent to PPCC for evaluation and possible degree credit.  If you have any questions concerning this process, please send an email to the DMVP PLA Evaluator

Request a JST.

Step 5: Transfer Courses

You may already be well on the way to getting a degree from PPCC! You should tell the DMVP advisor of any college-level courses that you have already successfully completed from an accredited college or university. Additionally, you should request an official transcript be sent from your former college(s) to PPCC at:

Pikes Peak Community College
Campus Box 8
5675 South Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

We can accept hand-carried transcripts only if they are in their original, sealed envelopes from the granting college/university. 

Step 6: In-State Residency 

Active duty service members and their family members who are not Colorado residents but are permanently assigned (PCS) to a Colorado military installation must  complete a Military In-State Residency Form.  This form is available at all PPCC enrollment centers to include the PPCC Military Programs Office located at their servicing military education center.  Submission of this form is required in order for the military student to receive Colorado in-state tuition.  The form must be submitted to PPCC prior to the published drop (or census) date of the semester/term in which they are enrolled.  The student will be eligible for the in-state tuition rate for the time period in which their military ID card is valid.  When a new ID card is issued the student must re-submit the form to continuously receive the in-state tuition rate.  If this form is not on file at PPCC, the student will be charged the out-of-state tuition rate.  Service members who are TDY or deployed from a Colorado military installation should send an email to requesting submission instructions of the Military In-State Residency Form.

Step 7: Apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF)

Military members and their family members permanently assigned (PCS) to an installation in Colorado must register for the College Opportunity Fund (COF). You only need to register once but if you don’t you will be personally responsible for paying the tuition portion that COF would have paid. Remember, you must always authorize the use of your COF funds for your classes each semester/term when you register. Military TA will not pay the COF amount of the tuition bill. To register for COF, please complete the application form here.  If you have any questions about COF registration, please send us an email at

Military members not on PCS orders to Colorado and their family members are not eligible to receive the COF. As a result, they will be charged the non-resident tuition rate.

Step 8: Register for Classes

Check out the latest class offerings by reviewing the current class schedule.  If you need assistance, send us an e-mail at or come to the Peterson AFB Education Center, room 112 to register for the class(es) you are interested in.

Note: To be eligible to receive TA, a TA briefing must be completed.  For additional information on this topic, click here.   TA cannot be requested earlier than 60-days prior to the class start date. Because PPCC has numerous class start dates be sure you know the start date for your particular class. Otherwise your requested TA will not be approved. To apply for TA, click here. Register with PPCC first to ensure you have a seat in the class(es) you want and are eligible to take. If you decide not to take the class, be sure to contact PPCC and drop the course prior to the published drop or census date. You must also contact your TA provider so your TA will be de-obligated. If you fail to do so you could be held responsible for paying all associated tuition and fees.

Step 9: Books and Course Materials

You can order your books and materials through the on-line PPCC Bookstore.  Of course you can visit any one of the campus bookstores to purchase textbooks, course materials and the latest outerwear and PPCC accessories.

Step 10: Apply for Financial Aid

To request Tuition Assistance click here.  Besides military TA, you might be eligible for financial aid to defray some of the costs not covered by TA. Getting help is easier than you think. The earlier you submit your financial aid application the better your chances to be considered for all available sources of financial assistance. Apply online at

Step 11: Changing Your Schedule

Classes can be added, changed, or dropped only up until the last day of registration. If you need to add, drop or change a class, do so on or before the drop (census) date in the PPCC Portal. Make sure to also contact your TA approving authority to change/de-obligate the TA payment. Once the semester/term begins and the drop period passes, courses cannot be changed.

Step 12: Withdraw After a Class Has Begun

If you are unable to complete a class due to military reasons (duty, deployment, etc.) you must notify your TA approving authority or you will be held responsible for paying the TA dollars. Be sure to also comply with the PPCC published withdraw deadlines.  If you need to drop or withdraw from a class, log into the PPCC Portal, click the "Add or Drop Classes" link found under the Student tab, in the Registration Tools channel. PPCC rules regarding drop and withdraw deadlines, grades, fees, and appeal and waiver requirements can be reviewed in the current PPCC catalog.

Beyond the Associates Degree

Pikes Peak Community College classes are easily transferable to other community colleges as well as our year institutions across the country. The challenges of military duty, family activities and a busy life style in general do not make it easy to attend a classroom. That's when the PPCC Degrees at Ease Online Campus becomes an excellent option for continuing or completing an associates degree. If you have Internet access, then this program is for you. This degree option makes it easy for you to achieve your educational goal in quick time. How does the Degrees at Ease Online Campus work? To get that information and to find degree transfer options beyond the associates degree program, please choose Degree at Ease Campus.