Featured Essays

The Blanket at the End of the Bed

Jessica Godard, September 21, 2015

It’s a lot harder than I had thought it would be, being away from my son for an extended period of time. His father and I divorced almost two years ago. His father recently moved to back to Texas. So naturally, before the school year starts, my son is spending the summer with his dad.

PPCC Voice

Weeping Willow

Tiffany Stephens, September 24, 2015

When I was in high school, in creative writing class, I would look outside to the Weeping Willow outside in the courtyard. The branches almost hit the ground and looked like tears falling from the top of the tree. I could get lost staring at the tree at times, drowning out my teacher and classmates. There are times now I can remember the feelings of staring at the willow and feel a connection to the tree.

Artist Voices

Nature Serving Man: Man Serving Nature

Jacob Ady, February 12, 2015

My inspiration for the piece was how electronics serve man, and man serves nature, and vice-versa. But again, its how we came from nature, and in turn we help nature, like how a tree grows and gives us oxygen, and we prune the branches to make it stronger. It was a shout out, really, of appreciation for the simple things that are taken for granted.


Drops in the Bucket

Suzanne Calvin-Yim, February 12, 2015

I see a soldier who was brave and strong when others were tearing apart who she was as if it would impact what she offered. Her story is the story of hundreds of soldiers, and countless others who have stories that are different from hers, but are stories nonetheless. Soldiers who joined the military when society still referred to them as “kids.” Soldiers who have left their families, their homes, and their ways of life. Soldiers who marry and forego honeymoons for overseas assignments or miss the births of their first children. Soldiers who hold their two year old children on their laps, then do not see those children again until they are a year or two older. Soldiers who kiss the people they love good bye one last time without really knowing it. Soldiers who are fighting for what I, a civilian, stand for.


Upcoming Literary Events

Parley, October 6, 2015

Colorado Springs has many excellent literary events scheduled for the month of October. Please attend and encourage your students to attend, and take special note of two PPCC literary events: a Student Open Mic on Oct. 16 and our student and faculty Fall Reading on Oct. 29.