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A Taste of Honey

They say that a taste of honey is worse than none at all. Let me explain. As a child, I was a voracious reader. I imagined myself sitting among the founding fathers as they risked their lives debating the single words that would comprise the Declaration of Independence. I also had the privilege of watching the life of Dr. Martin Luther King on a grainy black and white television in the 1960's.

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Hurricane Perz

I am privileged to engage in academic discussions about the war that I fought in and from which I returned. There are even days, soaked in...

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The Needs of the Many

The rights of the individual are important. Utilitarianism takes the view that whatever creates the greatest good for the greatest amount...

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The Ethics of Mining

Mistaking coal mining as more important to the cultural heritage than say, the mountains and forests, is the real travesty in this case.

Indignation is an emotion that I find surfacing within myself over and over again as I read, but nowhere is it more apparent than in...

"Universe 25" was free of predators, held an endless supply of food, water, and nesting material, and was kept at a balmy range of 70-90...

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Grey New World

Along with pages including buy two get one free deals on bags of potato chips and discounts for sixteen ounce blocks of Velveeta cheese,...