Artist Voices

Nature Serving Man: Man Serving Nature

Jacob Ady


My inspiration for the piece was how electronics serve man, and man serves nature, and vice-versa. But again, its how we came from nature, and in turn we help nature, like how a tree grows and gives us oxygen, and we prune the branches to make it stronger. It was a shout out, really, of appreciation for the simple things that are taken for granted.

Woman's Place Serving G-d

Dawn Eeh


This painting is about service from a very personal perspective. It was taught to me that, as a woman, the most valuable service I could do was to procreate. I was taught that the last days were at hand and that I was helping to produce God’s chosen army. I gave birth to six healthy babies and six ended in miscarriage. While God was praised and credited with the successful outcomes, I alone was deemed responsible for the failures.

Nothing Pretty

David Hoff

From the streets of Baltimore City, growing up in the rough streets of the ghetto, the first thing one sees when venturing into the world in search of ascending to manhood is war. Nothing is pretty about it, nor is it as enticing as movies make it out to be. In reality, it’s better to be born blind than to have to see war through the eyes of a soldier in hostile territory.

Why He Served

Lauren Behan


I was inspired by my grandfather Bill R. Gray's service during the Korean war when working on this piece. I wanted to use my skills in art to honor him and others like him who have and continue to serve this country. "Why He Served" is pastel on black paper, and represents a knight going against fire to battle the dragon.

Extreme Reactions

Elizabeth Boucher


Theatre is meant to be entertaining, shocking, revealing, and oh so many more things as well. Comedies delight the senses and tickle the mind. Tragedies make souls fear and cry for humanity. A good drama will stop your breath and push you to the edge of your seat. The most amazing plays will have people love it, hate it, or talk about it afterwards. Even better ones will do all three at once. Extremities by William Mastrosimone is one such amazing play

The Politician

Ben Smith


Ben Smith is an award winning artist and PPCC student.

In the Dark - Jodi

Jenny Garza


Jenny Garza is transferring to UCCS in the fall to major in Psychology. Jenny photographed In the Dark--Jodi. Her approach to education is a process of discovery and self-analysis. Moments of this process are observed in Jenny's photography.