What is Service Learning?

Service Learning embeds community outreach into college courses. PPCC students will apply academic skills and knowledge to the real world. Experience a hands-on classroom where you see your class objectives go to work in the community. Check out The Featured Projects to get a feel for some of the incredible experiences that await you.

Getting Involved.

Students who successfully complete 3 Service Learning courses will receive a letter of commendation from PPCC president Dr. Bolton. This honor is a great resume builder and shows your commitment to community and your education. Employers love to hire students who are go-getters with a heart for volunteerism.

Featured Projects.

There are so many ways to get involved! Review the projects that PPCC students have worked on over the last few semesters. The passion of PPCC students is a wonderful asset to our community and all the organizations working to help Colorado Springs to be the best it can be. Get involved! It could change your life!

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