What is Year of Service?

PPCC Year of Service is a college-wide initiative that emphasizes community service and student engagement through service. This year we will recognize the service we already perform, highlight opportunities for new ways to serve, and support and initiate activities on campus and in our community centered around service.

Tell us how you serve:

Disclosure: Your name and volunteer information will be kept in a confidential tracking system. We will not publish your name with your service information.

August Service Report:

Service Hours by Role.png

Students: 440 Hours Served in August
Faculty: 30 Hours Served in August
Staff: 21 Hours Served in August
Other: 78 Hours Served in August

Updated Service Pie YOS.png
Housing and Food: 32 Hours Served
Education and Literacy: 137 Hours Served
Children and Youth: 63 Hours Served
Health & Medicine: 12 Hours Served
Veterans: 10 Hours Served
Seniors: 112 Hours Served
Environment: 83 Hours Served
Peacemaking: 80 Hours Served

Why Serve?

Students who serve:

  • rethink how they learn and why they value their education
  • become involved in their communities
  • become active rather than passive learners
  • help identify and solve problems in their communities
  • build closer connections between their campus and their communities
  • learn about our increasingly varied and changing world
  • understand people and cultures that are unique
  • develop resourcefulness, a stronger inner self, and a clearer sense of personal identity.

More than any other type of educational activity, working with others from a different culture and/or economic class can help you begin to think critically about what you have, what you value, what other individuals in your community have a right to expect, and how you contribute to your community.

Excerpted from A Guide for Change: Resources for Implementing Community Service Writing by Ann Watters and Marjorie Ford (San Francisco: McGraw-Hill, 1995).

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