Welcome Statement

Office of Accommodative Services and Instructional Support (OASIS), also referred to as Student Disability Services, strongly believes in diversity as an integral part of society and our college community. Individuals with disabilities are valued members of Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC). Our department promotes a disability friendly culture by implementing reasonable academic accommodations. We guide current and future students in their effort to develop self-advocacy skills and to seek out resources that assist with their academic goals.

Mission Statement

OASIS' mission is to provide equal access to academic programs for students with disabilities.


Contact Information

Main Office

Centennial Campus
Aspen Building, Room 115

Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am -  5:00 pm
Phone: 719.502.3333 (For all campuses)
Fax: 719.502.3334
URL: http://www.ppcc.edu/oasis

Mailing Address:

Pikes Peak Community College
5675 South Academy Blvd. Box C-21
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Other Campuses: by appointment only

Rampart Range Campus: Room S-101
Downtown Studio Campus: Room S-126