Why Placement Testing

First-time college students and any non-exempt students who plan to earn a degree are required by the Colorado General Assembly to place into courses based on an approved college skills placement test called ACCUPLACER.

eLearning students who are new to PPCC may have to take placement tests before enrolling in classes. Testing can be completed at community colleges and other educational institutions around the country. PPCC can only accept ACCUPLACER Testing.

Pikes Peak Community College ACCUPLACER Placement Testing covers the subjects of math, reading and sentence skills. ACCUPLACER requires no prior computer skills and the placement test is an untimed adaptive test.

The placement test is very important. We advise you to review the math, reading, and sentence skills materials made available in the Library and the Learning Assistance Center, or visit the ACCUPLACER web site before you take the test. Please read the directions carefully and do your very best work when taking the test. Assessing for skill levels ensures placement into proper beginning courses, and aids in smooth transitioning from one semester’s course to the next.