Why Placement Testing

The Colorado Community College System requires you take a college placement test to determine your readiness for college-level courses if you are not submitting current ACT/SAT scores. This test will also help you determine which Math and English classes you should take. This assessment is a great first step into college and can help you begin your successful educational journey. To verify which level of English and Math you need to provide either ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, or proof of completion of college level English or Math courses to the Testing Center. If you do not have one of these pre-existing exemptions then you can take the CCPT. 

Do I need to Take the College Placement Test?

You may not need to take the college placement test if you have ACT/SAT, CLEP or DSST scores, you have prior college level or approved IB or AP course work, or approved UEXCEL exams or have a recent Accuplacer score (less than five years old).

If you have ACT/SAT, college transcript, high school transcript (less than two years old) that show you are college ready please include your PPCC student ID number and submit the unofficial transcripts to the Testing Center for evaluation prior to testing: testing.center@ppcc.edu or fax to 719-502-3399. You may also hand deliver your documents to receive the exemption to one of the three Testing Center locations (Centennial, Rampart Range, or Downtown Studio). College courses must be from regionally accredited colleges or universities or other approved educational institutions.

 If you have AP, IB, CLEP, DSST, UXCEL credits, please submit them and any official transcript/score reports to Admissions and Records for evaluation.

Concurrent enrolled High School Students-  If you are a high school/concurrent enrollment student and you need to take a placement test please contact High School Programs office for important information.

eLearning students who are new to PPCC may have to take placement tests before enrolling in classes. Testing can be completed at community colleges and other educational institutions around the country.

Who Can be Exempted From the Test?

Exemptions from taking CCPT may be granted under certain circumstances. 

  • Student has earned an Associate's Degree (AA or AS) or higher.
  • Student has successfully completed college-level  English.
  • Student has successfully completed college-level Algebra or higher.
  • Student has previously been assessed at a Colorado public post-secondary institution.
  • Student has appropriate ACT (Eng 18, Read 17, Math 23) / SAT (Verb 440, Math 460) scores.

To receive the exemption please bring documentation to one of the three Testing Center locations (Centennial, Rampart Range, or Downtown Studio). College courses must be from regionally accredited colleges or universities or other approved educational institutions.

When You Should Test

Before you can register for a class, you need to provide proof you meet the pre-reqs by have English and Math test results or previous college course transcripts to the testing center. If you do not have any of these materials, you can take the CCPT test. In some cases, depending on your previous scores or coursework, you may need to take the CCPT to better determine where you place. If you feel like your previous test scores do not accurately represent your English and Math competency, you can opt to take the CCPT and we will use your highest score.

About the Community College Placement Test (CCPT)

The CCPT is free for PPCC students. The CCPT placement testing has two parts and covers:

  • English: this section is comprised of 25 multiple choice questions on reading and an essay on an assigned topic.
  • Math: this section is comprised of an adaptive 30-question basic algebra test followed by a 35-question diagnostic test. Calculators are embedded in the test for certain questions. (Handheld calculators are not allowed.)

The test is untimed, but each section (Math and English) can take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. We recommend you schedule an appointment to take each section separately. You will need to know what math pathway is required for your degree in order for you to be given the correct Math section of the placement test. If you have a question about your Math pathway, you can look it up with the PPCC Math Pathway per degree plan  or if you're seeking a certificate look at PPCC's Math Pathway for Certificate Programs. If you cannot determine your Math pathway, PLEASE see an adviser BEFORE completing the intake questionnaire (knowing your math pathway is part of the questionnaire). Please compete the intake questionnaire.

  • PPCC will continue to accept Accuplacer scores, along with our new Community College Placement Test Scores.

The placement test is very important. We advise you to review the study materials available on-line and in the Learning Assistance Center before you take the test.

Please check the catalog to see the pre-requisites scores required for the particular class you want to enroll in or talk to an advisor.

Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Please note that some programs require testing regardless of prior college course work or testing scores. Check your program to determine when and what requirements are necessary.

If you are an international student please contact admissions regarding your requirements and don't do the questionnaire.

If you don't have ACT/SAT scores that are at college level or other credits or college course work you will need to test and should complete the pre-assessment.

IMPORTANT: Once you have filled out the questionnaire and submit it, the testing center will process your form and send you further instructions by email to your PPCC student email account with-in 1-3 business days.


The email will tell you to do one of three things:

  • See an advisor because you are exempt from testing.
  • See an advisor because we were unable to determine if you need to test. or
  • You will need to test. The email will contain information links on where to get help studying for the CCPT and how to schedule a test appointment (you may need to schedule two)


1)  You need to know your PPCC Student email AND

2)  You need to know the math pathway required for your degree/certificate.

CCPT  Intake Form