Our Mission:

At the PPCC Learning Assistance Center, our mission is to empower student success through collaborative learning, individualized advancement, leadership development, and meaningful dialogues.


Spring 2015 drop-in tutoring schedule.

Centennial Campus
Room A-212

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

*Tutoring may occur outside of regular office hours. Please refer to the schedule.


FREE Programs and Services:

  • Peer-to-peer tutoring services offered by trained and certified tutors
  • Placement test preparation materials and support to students needing to take or retake, the AccuPlacer Placement Test at PPCC
  • Academic skills workshop series designed to help students prepare for the rigors of college coursework
  • Individualized Plans for Academic Success (I-PAS) consultations to help students identify their individual learning preferences and maximize their academic potential
  • Online resources for distance students

Services are offered at all PPCC campus locations and are scheduled based upon student need and available resources. For more information on each of the LAC services, please select the links on the right.

Why Use the LAC?

PPCC students who choose to participate in LAC services not only receive better grades on average, but they also learn skills and strategies individualized to their learning preferences that have helped them to become better students overall!

Image of College Reading and Learning Association International Tutor Training Program Certification