Tutoring Helps You Make the Grade

Studying with others can make all the difference.

Tutors with the Learning Assistance Centers (LAC) must have received an A or B in the subject they are tutoring. They are trained before leading any tutoring sessions, and they share with you how they successfully completed the course.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) and drop-in sessions are FREE and available as an open walk-in resource for ALL PPCC students. Please refer to the Tutoring Schedules. Additional tutoring is available upon request based on resources and is FREE to all PPCC students. 

Note that "study buddies" and tutors not currently working for the LAC can be helpful but are not governed by the confidentiality policies or quality-service monitoring that certified tutors are held to.

  • Tutoring helps when you feel overloaded or overwhelmed with so much to learn!
  • Tutors help you focus on learning concepts and material relevant to the course and your goals.
  • Tutors work with YOUR learning style to help you get out of your classes what you put into them.
  • Tutoring helps reinforce concepts and understanding for those historically difficult classes.
  • Tutoring is confidential and available for FREE during all 3 semesters when classes are in session.
  • Statistics have proven improved performance in class after attending tutoring sessions.
  • Tutoring has statistically proven to help increase your grade by half to two whole letter grades.
  • During a group session you will have the opportunity to help your peers. When you explain a concept or process, you are more likely to better understand and recall information for your own benefit.
  • Tutoring builds community within the college and helps build lasting friendships and support for your education.