Learning Assistance Center Services

Free to current PPCC students

All of our services are free to students.  Tutors are thoroughly trained and ready to help you meet your academic goals.


The LAC focuses on drop-in tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions.  However, the LAC does provide additional tutoring upon request.  All tutoring is dependent upon available resources.

Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring sessions are scheduled throughout the day at multiple campuses. As the name implies, no appointment is necessary and students may drop in at any time and may stay as long as they like. Trained tutors lead these sessions with a focus on collaborative learning to build critical thinking and independent learning. Please refer to our schedule at http://ppcc.edu/services/tutoring-assistance/schedules/ for classes and times.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions

SI sessions are highly structured group sessions designed to support a specific class, section, and/or instructor. These sessions are offered for historically difficult classes and Tutors attend classes as necessary to ensure continuity with the progression of the class.

A place to focus and study with peers

The LAC provides a quality learning environment. It is easy to find and staffed with trained professionals to help you.

Study Skills and Organizational Assistance

The LAC is staffed with skilled professionals who are experienced in time management and study skills.  Please call to make an appointment to meet with a Lead Tutor  for a consultation.

Placement Test Workshops

Placement Test Workshops focus on reviewing English and Math concepts to prepare you for the ACCUPLACER (administered by the Testing Center). We offer several sessions each semester, and the workshops have been recorded onto DVD to be checked out and watched in the LAC for your convenience. These workshops are free and open to the public at large. You can also access Accuplacer Preparation materials using these links.  English Accuplacer PrepMath Accuplacer Prep

College Success Workshops

College Success Workshops are available free of charge for students. They provide basic study skills techniques, time management, test anxiety, stress management, and more. Graphing calculator workshops are also available.

Finals Preparation Workshops

The LAC encourages you to attend tutoring sessions consistently throughout the semester.  Usually the last few scheduled sessions will focus on finals exam preparation for that specific course.  We also offer Finals Prep Workshops that focus on study skills and stress management.