Myths About Tutoring

  1. Free tutoring? Nothing is free...

    Truth: All services offered by the LAC are completely free of charge.

  2. Only failures need tutoring.

    Truth: ALL students can benefit from tutoring. Research shows that students who attend tutoring early and often throughout the semester can achieve significantly higher grades than their peers who do not attend tutoring. This difference has been shown to be as much as two full grade levels.

  3. The tutors aren't any good.

    Truth: Although every tutor isn't a perfect match for every student, every tutor has been trained and certified to assess and respond to your learning needs. Some subjects are covered by multiple tutors, so you can find the right fit for your learning style.

  4. The tutor will do my work for me.

    Truth: The tutor may have good ideas to help you understand a concept, but the tutor will not do any of your work for you. The student should bring all textbooks and notes (or relevant materials) to the session. Tutors cannot assist students in any way if they are working with anything labeled as a quiz, test, or exam, but they can help them get prepared beforehand.

  5. I can just go to tutoring if I miss class.

    Truth: Attending tutoring is not a substitute for regular class attendance. Tutoring is free and open, so you are welcome to attend as much as possible, but tutoring is only designed to supplement the instruction you receive in the classroom.

  6. Getting tutoring is cheating.

    Truth: Receiving help from a tutor is not cheating in any way. The LAC takes academic dishonesty very seriously, and tutors cannot assist students in any way that is unethical.  Tutoring is a form of group study, guided and monitored by tutors that have already taken the class and received an A or B.

  7. Instructors do not want you to use tutors.

    Truth: Not all instructors know that tutoring is offered, and not all subjects are offered. The LAC is always interested in adding subjects to our schedule but that takes time as we work with tutor candidates and instructors. Your instructors want you to succeed, so rest assured we are both supported and referred by faculty.