Visits from Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Throughout the academic year, many colleges and universities make visits to Pikes Peak Community College campuses to discuss program opportunities, advise potential transfer students, or to distribute materials about their colleges. This schedule is subject to change.  Please check this information frequently.

Locations: Centennial = Aspen (A) building, second floor rotunda; Downtown Studio = South building lobby; Falcon = lobby; Rampart Range = atrium.

CONTACT:  Lisa Schwartz or Career Planning and Advising 719-502-3232.

FALL 2015

All scheduled visits may change due to weather or cancellation. Check this list often!

Four-Year College/University PPCC Visitation Schedule

Adams State University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 22, 8am-10am Centennial
September 22, 11am-1pm Rampart Range
October 14, 8am-10am Centennial
October 14, 11am-1pm Rampart Range
November 19, 8am-10am Centennial
November 19, 11am-1pm Rampart Range

Chadron State College

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 28, 3p-5p Downtown Studio
September 29, 3p-5p Centennial
September 30, 3p-5p Rampart Range
October 1, 8am-12pm Centennial
November 5, 8am-12pm Centennial
November 9, 8am-12pm Centennial
November 9, 1-4pm Downtown Studio
November 10, 8am-12pm Downtown Studio
November 10, 1-4pm Rampart Range

Colorado Christian University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 24, 10am - 2pm Centennial
October 1, 10am-2pm Rampart Range
October 8, 10am-2pm Centennial
October 29, 10am-2pm Centennial
November 12, 10am-2pm Rampart Range
November 19, 10am-2pm Centennial
December 3, 10am-2pm Centennial

Colorado Mesa University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 14, 10am-12pm Rampart Range
October 30, 1pm-3pm Centennial
November 9, 12:30pm-2:30pm Downtown Studio

Colorado State University - Pueblo

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 234, 1-3pm Centennial
October 1, 1-3pm Downtown Studio
October 1, 3-4pm Rampart Range

Fort Hays State University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
October 27, 10am-1pm Centennial

Metro State University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 29, 10am-1pm Centennial
September 29, 1-4pm Rampart Range
October 13, 10am-1pm Centennial
October 13, 1-4pm Rampart Range
November 17, 10am-1pm Centennial
November 17, 1-4p Rampart Range

Nazarene Bible College

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 29, 10am-1pm Centennial
October 8, 10am-1pm Rampart Range
October 13, 10am-1pm Downtown Studio
October 29, 10am-1pm Centennial
November 10, 10am-1pm Rampart Range
December 3, 10am-1pm Centennial
December 8, 10am-1pm Downtown Studio

Northern Arizona University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
October 26, 10am-2pm Centennial
October 27, 9am-1pm Rampart Range
October 27, 2-4pm Downtown Studio

Regis University

Date/TimePPCC Campus
October 14, 11am-2pm Centennial
October 28, 11am-2pm Downtown Studio
November 12, 1-4pm Rampart Range
December 10, 11a-2pm Centennial

Savannah College of Art and Design

Date/TimePPCC Campus
September 30, 1:30-5pm Centennial

State University of New York, Empire State College

Date/TimePPCC Campus
October 19, 10am-2pm Rampart Range
October 20, 10am-2pm Centennial
October 22, 10am-2pm Rampart Range
October 23, 10am-2pm Centennial

University of Northern Colorado

Date/TimePPCC Campus
October 26, 10am-2pm Rampart Range
October 27, 10am-2pm Centennial