Partnering with the Workforce

We extend PPCC’s teaching and learning mission into the community to advance the region’s workforce and offer meaningful personal enrichment and professional development. We offer training for the community, employee training for companies and college test preparation courses. We tailor our courses to what employers need based off of data like the 2018 Skills Report and direct requests. Whether you are a community member, a business owner, or a prospective student to PPCC we offer affordable training with an eye toward meeting the needs of the workforce.


Community Education

Our community education courses help you advance your career or enrich your personal life. Community classes are non-credit provided at a much more affordable rate than traditional college classes.

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Workforce Training

Our workforce training programs are designed to get you a job in a new field quickly and affordably. 

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College Test Prep Training for Aspiring Students

Our math test prep courses help you to test into college-level courses at PPCC.

Non-Credit Prep Courses 


Workforce Partnerships

Our workforce training programs are designed to get you a job in a new field quickly and affordably.  All of our programs result in a PPCC non-credit certificate, and often these certificates can earn you credit at PPCC if you decide to pursue an academic certificate or degree.  Many of these programs carry a nationally recognized industry certification as well. 

We have a strong grasp of both the needs of employers and employees. Download the The Skills Report for an assessment of employers’ skill needs for the Pikes Peak Region through 2018.

Employee Training

Our employee training programs are customized versions of PPCC courses or new programs designed for your company.

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