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High Impact Learning

Get Credit. Get Experience.

Students who take High Impact Learning Courses gain career readiness skills, make community connections, and build their resumes. - Oh, and they have a lot of fun!


The Math Colloquium joins The EXPO!

Math students can use the EXPO template and submit to or through WeTransfer. The Math Colloquium live event is  November 20, 1-2:30pm.

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What is High Impact Learning?

These are classes where you learn by doing. You might work on a team to accomplish a project in the community. High Impact classes could include the following learning strategies:

  • Service Learning        
  • Diversity Projects       
  • Internships     
  • Study Abroad 
  • Collaborative Projects Research Projects      
  • Learning Communities           
  • Publish a Writing Project        
  • Organize Community Events             
  • Create a Portfolio      
  • Develop College Skills

You will find your voice, sharpen professional skills, make friends and job contacts, get to know your classmates and professors, and just do better in college.

Make it real with High Impact classes!


The PPCC EXPO highlights student work, virtually and physically. Virtually, the EXPO will occur in The Paper, and a physical display of posters will travel to each campus. The EXPO begins in October and runs through the end of semester.

The EXPO theme is Quality of Life: Health, Happiness, and Well Being. Students could address the pandemic, racism, the upcoming election, or anything else related to their studies. Students can report out about their research, service learning, creative works, cultural analyses, or CTE achievements.

Students, submit your work to Use the EXPO template, filled in with student work. Adjust as needed, but ONE slide only. Students can include video links or photos in the slide.


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Teaching Remotely?

Check out the Lib Guide for our extensive Guide to help you continue the work you have done with HIPs.


Get Involved

Volunteering could change your life!

Ways to Serve

How to Submit to the EXPO

  1. Download Template 
  2. Put in your own work.
  3. Go to and send your work to

WeTransfer is free to use no account nesscicary. We are Utilizing this since it allows for up to 2GB to be sent. It will be hard to attach the file in PPCC Email.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at