What is Service Learning?

Apply academic skills and knowledge to the real world through a service project. See your learning go to work in the community. Incredible experiences await you!

Service Learning Courses

Contact the instructor for more details. (The college directory is at the bottom of this page.)

Course Instructor
RTV Radio and Television AJ Matthews
ENG 122  English Composition II Allison Ade
FRE 212 French Language IV Amy Cornish
GEO 105   World Regional Geography Amy Filipiak

SWK 100  Intro to Social Work

SWK 201 Human Behavior in Social Environ I

SWK 202 Human Behavior in Social Environ II

SWK 222  Intro to SWK Practice

WST 200  Intro Women's Studies

Ann-Marie Manning
RTV 208  Basic Video Production Brian Wheeler

PHI 112 Ethics

PHI 111 Introduction to Philosophy

Bruce McCluggage
LIT 268  Celtic Literature Cathy Henrichs

ENG 121  English Composition I

ENG 122  English Composition II

Cheryl Ray
ENG 121 or 122 Christina Knowles
Philosophy 205 Business Ethics Christina Peebles
IPP 145 Deaf People in Society  Donnette Patterson
POS 225 Comparative Government Elsa Dias
ENG 121 English Composition 1 Emily Badovinac
CCR 092 and CCR 094 and ENG 121 Emily Forand
ENG 122 English Composition II Emily Peters
ENG 121 and ENG 122 Gary Walker
OUT 167 Basic Search and Rescue Geoffrey Irons
SOC 101  Introduction to Sociology I Gina Swanson
HIS 218 History of Science and Technology Glenn Rohlfing
MAT 202 Calculus II  Holly Ashton
PSY 102-101  General Psychology II Jason Dias
EDU 261 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Jason Rasmussen
ENG 121 and ENG 131  Jenna Benson
MGD 211 Adobe Photoshop II Peter Strand

ENG 122 English Composition II

AAA 101

Jo-Ellen Becco
AAA 109 Advanced Academic Achievement Jolyn Nicole
HIS 121 US History to Reconstruction Katherine Sturdevant
HIS 215 Women in US History  

COM 115 Public Speaking

COM 125 Interpersonal Communication

COM 217 Group Communication

COM 225 Organizational Communication

Katie Puryear-Wheeler
ART 121 Drawing I, ART 128 Figure Drawing I, ART 151 Painting I (Also ART 221, ART 222, ART 223, ART 228, ART 251, ART 253) Laura Ben-Amots
CCR 094  and ENG 121 English Composition I Leslie Ralphe
ENG 131 Technical Writing I Lynanne George
ZOO 203 Animal Training in Action Megan Sanders
PSY 102-2L1 General Psychology II and ENG 122-2L1  English Composition II (Learning Community Class) Misty Hull/Teresa Aggen
SCI 155 Integrated Sci I Physics and Chemestry Monica Sackuvich
ACC 133 Tax Help Colorado Practicum Nathaniel Tassler
MGD 242 Web Architecture: Open Source Peter Strand
COM 220 Intercultural Communication Regina Lewis
PHI 112 Ethics and PHI 113 Logic Richard Trussell

ENG 121 English Composition I

ENG 122 English Composition II

Robin Schofield

SCI 156 Integrated Sci II w/Lab

ENV 101 Environmental Science

Ruth-Ann Larish
AAA 109 Advanced Academic Achievement Sarah Correa

COM 125 Interpersonal Communication

COM 115 Public Speaking

Stephen Collins
COM 115 Public Speaking, COM 216 Adv Public Speaking and HIS 121 U.S. History to Reconstruction, HIS 122 US since Civil War (Learning Community Class) Stephen Collins/Katherine Sturdevant
ENG 122-102 and ENG 122-05E Sylva Miller
ENG 121 English Composition I Teresa Aggen
Social Work and Psychology (various) Tiko Hardy