Get Credit.

Students who take a Service Learning Course may earn a Letter of Commendation for resumé and application building.

Get Experience.

People who volunteer are 27% more likely to find jobs.

Students who serve:

  • rethink how they learn and why they value their education
  • become involved in their communities
  • become active rather than passive learners
  • help identify and solve problems in their communities
  • build closer connections between their campus and their communities
  • learn about our increasingly varied and changing world
  • understand people and cultures that are unique
  • develop resourcefulness, a stronger inner self, and a clearer sense of personal identity.

Students say:

“Getting outside and learning the material in a hands-on manner…I enjoy learning this way and it allowed me to experience the concepts, rather than just reading them out of a book.”

“We got a taste of what it would be like in the real world.”

“I had fun gathering information for the Pioneers Museum that they can use to build the upcoming exhibit.”

“My favorite part was meeting the author of Earlier America and reading passages from her book while she was there.”

“Being able to physically engage & see artifacts that we had been learning all semester…solidified many of the concepts.”

“When I picked my service learning project I thought about the section of psychology where we talked about the need to belong. The lady I spent time with for my project is alone and I wanted to relieve her from the pain of being alone.”

“I have learned to expand my caring and compassion to all walks of life. Interviewing a senior citizen has given me a glimpse into my own future and I have discovered how I would like to be treated.”

“I used it in my workplace with my co-workers. Giving them encouragement in moments of despair and thinking that we have no hope in our current situations at hand.”

“I was able to get student government to start a dialogue about creating a safety committee or at very least a safety liaison.”

“We applied what we learned about ethics to current political amendments. We then passed out flyers and then went to this coffee shop to talk about the ballot and the amendments and help answer any questions people had about this year’s ballot.”

“Yes, I found an amazing place that supports and helps sex trafficking victims and have become very active in it because this class made me very aware and more open to helping people in need and that I can make time to enter myself and others.”

“Debriefing gave me an opportunity to get feedback from classmates on what I should improve.”

“I am very passionate about food security, so I enjoyed writing the proposal to my school district. I hope to be able to have the opportunity to implement in the future.”

“I love caring for people. That’s my passion. For me when you show you care, it goes a long way for a patient.”

“My favorite part was the entire process. It forced me to learn ethics better so that I could assist my classmates in their parts. I have 13 years of leadership experience from the military and applied particular techniques to assist in making this process smooth and effective.”

“My favorite part of this would be the reporting part of this service learning project because I get to look back it and really think about what I learned and what we talked about.”

“In the preparation, I like how my group came together as a team to make sure everything was in order for our presentation. It showed me how team work could be effective if everyone participates and contributes.”

Our Projects

Neighborhood improvement • fund raising • Homeless shelter • soup kitchen • Peace-making • Environmental • Music festival • theater promotion • support for low income Native American communities • Police force engagement • Food drive • Civil liberties • Library reading • Donations and bake sale for homeless non-profit • human trafficking resources • Long term care facility & rehabilitation center • Working with youth offenders • Food waste • weight loss journey • Animal Shelter • senior memoirs • disabled adults • stage managing – theatre • Medical care • Letters of appreciation • working with veterans • Church volunteering • Math Intrigue Outreach • Cultural and Language Presentations • Tutoring tools for Math Concepts • Deaf Culture Immersion: Real World Experience • Marketing for “One Nation Walking Together Native American Film Festival” • Community Forums: Philosophy and the Colorado Ballot Outreach • Social Justice and Art. Advocacy: The Right to Rest • Fair hiring practices for disabled • Veterans and suicide prevention • senior fraud prevention • Native American land rights • workplace bullying • improving rural healthcare • against the deportation of criminal aliens • care for refugee children • humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees • multilingual rights • damage from political propaganda • immigrant children foster placement • executive order re: undocumented immigrants • public education • fairness in CHSAA rules • school choice for Coloradans • social media bullying awareness • sanctuaries for immigrants • free community college • immigration policy (against a Wall) • food redistribution center for Carson Middle School • cultural competency with Viet Nam and Costa Rica