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1) Origin of Jack-O-Lanterns

Do you know the urban legend behind why pumpkins are carved this season? 

2) Halloween Science

Need some tricks to do with your family this season? Check out these science experiments. 

3) John Wayne Gacy

Killer Clowns? Check out one of America's most gruesome serial killers. 

4) Stanford Experiment

The presense of power, check out the standford experiment that was so intense it had to be disbanned. 

5) Crop Circles

Aliens, Dinosaurs, or just a logical explanation? Check out this interview with a paranormal and crop circle expert. 

6) The Black Hole

If you had the opportunity to go through any hard surface with just a piece of paper, what would you do? 

7) Mysteries Science Can't Explain

In a world that is constantly evolving, there are some items that stump even scientists. Check out this video about a couple of the things that even scientists scratch their head at. 

8) Reincarnation

Do you believe that death is the last stop for everyone? Check out this video that offers a different perspective. 

9) Conspiracy Theories

Check out these four conspiracies that could happen in our modern era. 

10) Body Language

Learn body language from a ex-fbi agent. 

Bonus) Mystery of the Queen Mary

Many have heard of the Titanic, but check out the Queen Mary one of the most haunted places in America to date. 

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