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Partner with PPCC

PPCC believes in the power of partnering with local community. Often those partnerships take the form of sponsorships. PPCC’s sponsorship program aims to build long-term relationships by supporting a select number of events and activities that amplify and align with the PPCC vision, mission and values.

PPCC proactively seeks partnerships with appropriate strategic partners and also welcomes local businesses and organizations to submit unsolicited sponsorship proposals.

Sponsorship Criteria & Evaluation

Sponsorship proposals are first evaluated against alignment with the PPCC mission, vision and core values. The proposals are then evaluated with the following criteria:

  • Tangible benefits associated with the partnership.
  • Opportunity to create long-term value.
  • Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships.
  • Positive exposure for the PPCC brand.
  • Potential for long-term, sustainable partnership or relationship.
  • A company's/organization’s ethics, social responsibility, brand reputation and values, public perception and history with the college.

These criteria have been developed to ensure PPCC establishes sponsorship relationships that will mutually benefit the college and the receiving organization. And PPCC reserves the right to select or reject sponsors.

Sponsorship Proposal Form

More About the Sponsorship and Evaluation Process

The Office of Marketing & Communication, in consultation with key college leadership, will review and research potential sponsors for appropriate alignment on a regular basis.

All sponsorship proposals, whether solicited or unsolicited, go through the following process:

  • Proposals must be submitted via the PPCC Sponsorship Proposal online-form. We do not accept proposals via emails, faxes or phone calls.
  • PPCC’s Marketing & Communication Department contacts the requesting organization within two to six weeks of receipt of the inquiry. If there is a need for additional information, PPCC will contact the organization directly.
  • PPCC’s Marketing & Communication Department evaluates each request based on the Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria.
  • PPCC’s Marketing & Communication Department contacts organizations with approved sponsorship agreements.